January 5, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Protects ‘the 99 Percent’ From Income-Tax Hikes? Hardly

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On Wednesday, as President Obama signed — er, auto-penned — the legislation preventing the onset of the “fiscal cliff” passed by Congress the previous day, the establishment press was busy understating its impact. A Friday evening Wall Street Journal editorial (note: not a regular news report) in today’s print edition lays out the gory details.

But first, I will cite four examples of coverage which pretended that 99 percent of Americans won’t see their income taxes increase in 2013.


New York Newspaper’s Gun Permit Map Already Having Negative Repercussions

Many of those who expressed outrage at the publication of a two-county interactive map of pistol permit owners by Gannett’s White Plains, New York-based Journal News just before Christmas have raised serious concerns that the paper’s action would directly harm law-abiding citizens. Evidence is pouring in that those fears are legitimate.

Fox News, doing something the wire services should have been begun within days of the map’s publication, has unsurprisingly found that “Reformed crooks say the New York newspaper … did a great service – to their old cronies in the burglary trade.” Additionally, a Newsday report identifies four concrete examples of negative impact: “Inmates are taunting corrections officers” at an area jail; one of the counties’ sheriffs says that it’s “hurting law enforcement as a whole”; a Rockland County Democratic legislator who currently doesn’t own a gun says “he now fears for his safety” and will get one; and a divorced woman who says her ex-husband tried to strangle her is worried that “now he can find me.” Excerpts from the two news reports follow the jump.


Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (010513)

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Positivity: Superhero Lilly saves her dad’s life

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From Bromsgrove, in the UK:

SIX-year-old Lilly Fitzpatrick has been lauded as her family’s ‘little hero’ after her quick-thinking actions saved her dad’s life.

Her father Dave, 42, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes, started having a hypoglycemic attack and had become extremely lethargic and unresponsive at his Longbridge home on Groveley Lane, at around 6.30pm on Wednesday (January 2).

Despite being scared and upset, brave youngster Lilly got his Glucogel from the cupboard and applied it to his cheek and gave him Jelly Babies after the lid on a bottle of Lucozade was too tight for her to undo.