January 12, 2013

Gallaudet Univ. Diversity Officer Who Signed Petition to Place ‘Gay Marriage’ on Md. Ballot Reinstated

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Angela McCaskill, Chief Diversity Officer at Gallaudet University, has been reinstated following three months of administrative leave which began after the university learned that she had signed a petition supporting the placement of an initiative to repeal recently passed legislation legalizing same-sex “marriage” on the Maryland ballot.

The headline at the Associated Press story about Ms. McCaskill’s statement (“GAY MARRIAGE FLAP: GALLAUDET REINSTATES OFFICIAL”) should have instead read “free speech flap.” That’s what the McCaskill controversy was about, as the underlying AP story by Ben Nuckols, which virtually ignores the witch-hunt sentiment directed at her, still makes clear (bold is mine):

The nation’s leading university for the deaf and hard of hearing has reinstated its chief diversity officer, who was suspended for three months after signing a petition circulated by opponents of gay marriage in Maryland.

Gallaudet is home to a prominent gay and lesbian community, and many on campus had said they were concerned that McCaskill was the wrong person to lead an office that promotes diversity.

The emotions expressed went far beyone “concerned,” Ben — and shame on you for whitewashing it. “Many on campus” and others on the left wanted her fired, because to them, you can’t be for “diversity” unless you support same-sex “marriage.” They thought they had a golden opportunity to punish the only kind of diversity they won’t tolerate: diversity of thought.

Mark Newgent at Red Maryland got to the heart of the matter quite well after Ms. McCaskill was placed on leave back in mid-October:

It never ceases to amaze the speed with which progressives are so willing to toss our most basic constitutional rights in pursuit of a political goal.

… And here we have the central conceit of “diversity.” It is a construct where everyone looks different but must think alike. Diversity as … most progressives conceive it, is inclusion of everything they agree with and exclusion of thought they dislike. What does it say about the “climate of diversity and inclusion” in a particular community that sets to bedwetting over the fact that someone expressed a politically incorrect opinion?

For the left, “diversity” has become short hand for “all good things,” which allows them use the term as a cudgel against those who think differently.


Even though Ms. McCaskill has been reinstated, a clear message has been sent to anyone at the university that they face potential harm if they leave any kind of evidence of holding politically incorrect views.

According to AP, “Ms. McCaskill “signed the petition at her church after listening to a sermon about marriage, adding that she felt it was important for Maryland voters to decide the issue.” That must mean it’s now time to go after that church and its pastor.

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