February 2, 2013

Economy Lost 2.84 Million Jobs in January, Yet Press Pretends That Seasonally Adjusted 157K Jobs Added Represents What Actually Happened

Following the governmemt’s Employment Situation Summary yesterday, two words were noticeably absent at the Associated Press (here, here, and here), Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, and the New York Times: “seasonally adjusted.”

While they told their readers of the number of jobs supposedly added in total (157,000) and in other sectors, the fact remains that in the real world, before seasonal adjustment, the government told us, as is the case every January, that employment declined steeply. In January 2013, the government estimates that 2.84 million jobs were lost.


Despite Unemployment Rate Increase, AP’s Rugaber Describes Friday’s Jobs Report as ‘Mostly Encouraging’

Yesterday at the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, Christopher Rugaber really wrote that the government’s Employment Situation Summary released Friday was “mostly encouraging.”

The Friday morning dispatch, still present at Yahoo News but which has understandably disappeared from the wire service’s national site, stuck with his smiley-faced description even as he noted, “one negative sign: The unemployment rate rose to 7.9 percent from 7.8 percent.” If January’s performance repeats itself for the rest of year, 1.9 million more people will have found work in 2013 and the unemployment rate will be 9 percent — at which point it would appear that Chris will try to tell us that we’ve finally achieved heaven on earth. Excerpts from Rugaber’s ridiculous rubbish, riddled as it is with errors, omissions, a blatant coverage inconsistency, and political hackery, follow the jump:


Positivity: Catholic brothers to face-off as Super Bowl coaches

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From San Francisco, Baltimore, and New Orleans:

Feb 2, 2013 / 06:02 am

Brothers John and Jim Harbaugh, coaches of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, respectively, have seen their fair share of sibling rivalry – but this weekend’s Super Bowl should prove to be a contest like no other.

The last time the brothers squared off on the same field was Thanksgiving of 2011 where John led his Baltimore Ravens to a victory over Jim’s San Francisco 49ers, while at the same time putting an end to his eight-game winning streak.

The Harbaughs will face off on the same field again on Feb. 3 for Super Bowl XLVII. This time, they’ll make history as the only set of brothers coaching opposing teams in a championship game, not just in football, but in any major sports in the U.S.

Perhaps more necessary than skills and professional training will be the faith both brothers, who were born 15 months apart, learned from their parents, Jack and Jackie, in this game.

Fr. Edward Inyanwachi, pastor of St. Raymond Catholic Church in Menlo Park, Calif. described Jim and his wife Sarah as “active parishioners” and said the parish will “be rooting for him to win in this big game.”

“We are proud of the work he has done with the 49ers,” Fr. Inyanwachi told CNA Feb. 1, “but even more proud of his faith in Christ as what keeps him grounded in life.”

Jim, a father of six, spoke with CNA last summer about his work with Santisimo Sacramento, a Catholic sponsorship program to aid impoverished families in Peru.

During a trip to visit some of the charity’s recipients, he said, “I’ve always been struck by the attendance and the joy they have for Mass,” adding that the pews are filled with faithful at daily evening Masses.

“You can only describe that as the fruit of the Holy Spirit,” Jim said.

In an interview with Catholic Review, the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s newspaper, John shared that he prays during games, not to win, but “for God to stay close to me.”

The Ravens coach and father of one said he strives to look out for his team as a shepherd would his flock to keep them, “moving in the right direction to get them to the pasture we want them to graze in.”

John, who is a parishioner at The Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Homeland, Md., also revived the long-dormant practice of organizing the Ravens’ Mass on game day. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (020213)

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9:00 a.m.: Ranting on Rubin — Jennifer Rubin, who ran non-stop establishment press interference for Mitt Romney from her allegedly conservative perch at the Washington Post, recently trashed (HT Tim Graham at NewsBusters) Virginia Attorney General and likely gubernatorial candidate Anthony Cuccinelli.

You see, Cuccinelli is committing the political crime of “coming out with with what Politico described as a ’252-page tea party jeremiad of blistering attacks on government in general and President Barack Obama in particular that could make it difficult to broaden his appeal to the kinds of voters he needs to win in November.’”

First of all, Jen, you’re trusting the Politico’s characterization when it’s long since been known that it’s a Democratic propaganda outfit disguised as a news site (sort of like your employer).

But even if Politico is somewhat correct, what’s wrong with a guy clearly stating what he believes? It’s the left whose politicians run from telling the truth about what they really believe like cockroaches from light — which explains why all sorts of Democrats who have said for decades that they aren’t at all interested in taking law-abiding citizens’ guns are capitalizing on the Sandy Hook massacre to try to take law-abiding citizens’ guns.

Cuccinelli “just so happens” to have been the lead attorney general in challenging ObamaCare, and Jen Rubin “just so happens” to have been Mitt Romney’s number 2 cheerleader (after the incorrigible Hugh Hewitt). Mitt Romney “just so happens” to have signed the law which established state-run health care in Massachusetts, the law which served as the template for ObamaCare.

Even after her guy Romney, who is no conservative, couldn’t beat the president whose economic stewardship has inarguably been the worst since Franklin Delano Roosevelt needlessly lengthened the Depression by more than eight years with his New Deal, Rubin still believes that genuine conservatives who believe that the Constitution means what it says can’t win.

Romney didn’t win because he didn’t generate passionate support. Cuccinelli will. I’m not saying he’ll win, but he’s got a better chance than any moderate squish alternative she is seeking to challenge him in the primary.

Rubin used to write at PJ Media, and tried to portray herself as a genuine conservative when she was there. She has shown that she is neither.