February 23, 2013

Attn. Chuck Todd and Establishment Press: Bob Woodward Insists That Sequestration Was Obama Admin’s Idea, Because It Was

In yesterday’s Washington Post, Bob Woodward repeated what the essence of what he wrote about sequestration in his book, “The Price of Politics.”

Why? Because leftist media stooges like MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, who is upset that conservatives and Republicans are “begging the media to say it’s Obama that started the sequester, not them” (well, in general, Chuck, we’d like to see you tell the truth, but we’ve long since given up expecting it, let alone begging for it) insist on claiming that it was a Republican idea. It wasn’t. Woodward re-elaborates (internal links are in original; bolds are mine):


AP Graphic on Supposedly Steep Decline in Government Employment Starts at 2010 Census Peak

In attempting to make the case that “Even as the private sector has been slowly adding jobs, governments have been shedding them,” a chart from the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, shows how public-sector employment (not labeled as “seasonally adjusted,” but that’s what it is) has declined from a peak of 22.3 million in May of 2010 to 21.3 million in January 2013.

There’s only on “little” problem — That May 2010 peak occurred in the midst of the federal government’s decennial census:



Forbes Lists America’s 20 ‘Most Miserable Cities’; Guess What The Vast Majority Have in Common?

Forbes just published its 20 Most Miserable Cities List for 2013. The magazine left off several obviously more “worthy” contenders, perhaps because its decisions to include and exclude certain criteria were, to say the least, more than a little odd.

I have listed the magazine’s top twenty following the jump, along with each city’s mayor and that person’s political leanings, showing a commonality the magazine’s Kurt Badenhausen failed to observe:


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Positivity: Young amputee’s sports success brings joy to family

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From Woodburn, Indiana:

Feb 22, 2013 / 04:03 am

The story of an Indiana teen who continues to make local sports headlines despite having prosthetic legs has highlighted the Catholic faith and pro-life devotion of his parents.

Like most American teens, Nik Hoot, a 16 year-old sophomore at Woodlan High School in Woodburn, In., has yet to meet an extra-curricular activity he does not enjoy.

He has played football, baseball, basketball and is now a semi-state qualifier for his weight class in wrestling. He plays drums, trumpet and mellophone and is active in his school’s marching band.

His passion for sports began at an early age when his oldest brother introduced him to football by “teaching” him how to watch Notre Dame games on television. Nik’s first words, his mother Apryl Hoot told CNA Feb. 18 were, “It’s good!”

“I knew sports were going to be a big thing for him right then and there,” she said.

However, unlike most American teens, Nik was born in Russia at 24 weeks after surviving a failed abortion.

Apryl said she’s “gotten complaints” from people asking her how she could talk so openly about her adopted son being an abortion survivor.

In return, she asks them, “How can you not talk about a child who’s survived an abortion attempt?” …

Go here for the rest of the story.