February 27, 2013

Politico Treats Pro-Gun Controller’s Win in Far-Left Congressional District With $2 Mil of Bloomberg Money as a ‘Referendum’

Knock me over with a feather. A well-known local pro-gun control official, helped by an overwhelming $2 million in funding from a Michale Bloomberg-backed group, won last night’s splintered Democratic congressional primary in the Illinois district (IL-02) formerly represented by Jesse Jackson Jr., which includes much of the South Side of Chicago, with 52% of the vote. A “whopping” 30,872 people pulled the lever for winner Robin Kelly.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit noted how little this really means: “It’s setting the bar pretty low to say that electing an anti-gunner to Congress in Chicago would be proof of Bloomberg’s strength.” That of course is not how Alex Isenstadt at Politico reported it, virtually giving the platform to Bloomberg:


Woodward Claims ‘A Very Senior Person’ at White House Emailed ‘You Will Regret Doing This’; Politico Pair Sat on the News

I presume everyone remembers how when the New York Times published information about a classified program designed to track the movement of alleged terrorist funding through the international banking system Bush administration officials threatened to prosecute Times reporters and management over what they had done? No you don’t, because although some conservatives and Republicans thought it might be a worth considering it didn’t happen. You can guarantee that if it had, it would have become a TV-radio-newspaper-Internet establishment press obsession for days on end.

Tonight, Washington Post’s Bob Woodward alleged that because he is sticking to his guns in insisting that sequestration was the brainchild of the Obama White House, that it was personally approved by Obama, and that bringing up tax increases now to try to resolve the current sequestration impasse is “moving the goalposts,” he has been threatened by “a very senior person” in the White House. Woodward said so on CNN’s Situation Room earlier today. What’s even more troubling is that Woodward told two Politico reporters the same thing yesterday, and that they appear to have sat on the revelation until this evening when the CNN interview forced their hand. Relevant portions of the CNN transcript and Politico column follow the jump.


AP: Obama Rejects GOP Plan For Sequestration Flexibility Because It Would ‘Force Him to Choose Between the Bad and the Terrible’

We don’t need to speculate about the feelings of Josh Lederman at the Associated Press about who has the high ground in the ongoing sequestration discussions in Washington.

What President Obama actually said about the idea of having more flexibiliity in deciding where to reduce projected spending, followed by how Lederman spun it, both follow the jump.


Press-Enabled EPA Issues New Rules Mandating Use of Fuels Which Don’t Exist

The rogue collection of bureaucrats known as the Environmental Protection Agency continues its lawless ways. The establishment press continues to serve as enablers.

In January, a federal court vacated the EPA’s regulations mandating the use of cellulosic biofuels which weren’t produced at all until last year, and barely exist now. In response, the agency, directly defying the court, increased the production requirement of these fuels for 2013. In covering the story, as I noted at NewsBusters on January 31, the Associated Press’s Matt Daly only wrote that “An oil industry representative said the Obama administration was thumbing its nose at a ruling last week by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia” — as if the agency’s action was only a matter of some eeeevil oil guy’s opinion.


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Positivity: Heart patient sees where his life was saved

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From Des Moines and Jefferson, Iowa:

Feb. 24, 2013 11:35 PM

A year ago, Everett Beebe’s heart stopped while he was driving home from dinner in Jefferson.

His wife, Bert, was in the car, and she and a passer-by started CPR until authorities loaded him into an ambulance and shocked his heart to get it beating again.

He was taken to the Jefferson hospital, but its doctors couldn’t clear blockages in his heart.

Jen Randall, flight nurse with Mercy Medical Center’s Mercy One helicopter crew, had just started her new job as a flight nurse in January 2012. Beebe was one of her first patients, on a 15-minute flight to the Des Moines hospital.

On Sunday, exactly a year later, Beebe, his wife and nine other relatives drove 70 minutes to Des Moines to meet Randall and some of the other people who saved him.