March 5, 2013

Obama’s ‘Country Be Damned’ Strategy

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For those who didn’t think there was much of a difference between Barack Obama and the somewhat flawed but at least patriotic John “Country First” McCain in 2008, we now learn that the person who beat McCain in the 2008 presidential election and won reelection in 2012 has adopted a strategy which can fairly be called “Country Be Damned”:

Old Washington hands have been scratching their heads about the start of President Obama’s second term, with its aggressive liberal priorities and attacks on Republicans. Whatever happened to governing? Well, the answer arrived this weekend as the Washington Post reported that Mr. Obama’s real plan for the next two years is returning Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker in 2014.

“The goal is to flip the Republican-held House back to Democratic control, allowing Obama to push forward with a progressive agenda on gun control, immigration, climate change and the economy during his final two years in office, according to congressional Democrats, strategists and others familiar with Obama’s thinking,” reports the Post, which is hardly hostile to the President.

… This is already clear on the budget, as Mr. Obama insists on a second tax increase that Republicans can’t accept. We’re also increasingly worried about White House sabotage on immigration reform, as it pushes the bill left on a guest-worker program and enforcement. Mr. Obama is doing exactly what you’d expect if he doesn’t want a deal and plans to use the issue to drive minority turnout in 2014.

It’s important to understand how extraordinary this is.


A 2014 Democratic majority is more important than doing something about the next roughly $2 trillion in debt and almost as much in deficits we’ll see the country run up in the meantime, more important than crafting some kind of immigration solution (as noted above), and more important than getting the economy moving and the unemployment rate down to an acceptable level.

The wrap to the Wall Street Journal editorial excerpted above asserts that “Bipartisan failure is their strategy.” I don’t see how anyone can disgaree, and believe that “Country Be Damned” better sums it up.

Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (030513)

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Postivity: Highway worker reunited with tot he saved with CPR

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From San Diego (HT Daryn Kagan):

March 3

A Caltrans maintenance worker who helped save a toddler’s life along State Route 54 in the San Diego area earlier this week was reunited with the happy, healthy baby boy and his very grateful family on Friday.

On Monday, Caltrans worker Joe Thomas was traveling along SR-54 when he noticed two women in distress on the side of the road, crying and waving for help.

The women, mother Denise Ortiz and grandmother Rebecca Hill, told Thomas their 13-month-old baby, Cesar Ortiz, wasn’t breathing and needed immediate medical attention.

Thomas called 911, grabbed the child from Hill’s hands and proceeded to render first aid and CPR on the spot, saving the tot’s life.

Hill says the family was driving on the freeway when baby Cesar suddenly began crying and shaking. After that, the baby’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and he stopped breathing.

By the time Thomas pulled over and got to Cesar, Thomas says the boy was not breathing and had turned blue.

Thomas says he immediately began compressions on the baby’s chest and back and then administered CPR. Eventually, Cesar began gasping for air and was able to breathe on his own again. …

Go here for the rest of the story.