March 6, 2013

AP: Chavez Procession an ‘Epic Farewell to a Larger-than-life Leader’ Whose ‘Coffin Floated’ Over Crowds

It’s as if Associated Press reporter Paul Haven saw colleague Frank Bajak’s pathetic obituary of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez earlier today (covered by Matthew Balan at NewsBusters) and said: “Oh yeah? I can outdo you.”

That he did, in an execrable report excerpted after the jump which should be saved to the hard drive and shown as evidence that anyone who calls the wire service “the Authoritarian Press” is not at all out of line (bolds are mine):


WaPo Fact-Checker Twice Calls Out Obama Over Non-existent Sequester-Related ‘Pay Cut’ for Capitol Hill Janitors

President Obama’s sequester-related press briefing on March 1 contained the usual fibs. Examples include but are certainly not limited to the following: “We’ve already cut $2.5 trillion in our deficit,” when the entire amount involved is something which might happen in the future; his claim that his State of the Union laundry list “is the agenda that the American people voted for,” when many of the items involved were never mentioned during the 2012 campaign; and that the sequester is “happening because of a choice that Republicans in Congress have made,” despite the fact that his advisers with his personal approval originated the idea in 2011 and the reality that he was under no compulsion when he signed the bill setting it in place last week.

Since then, while the establishment press has largely ignored it, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler has twice honed in on a relatively small but clearly refutable statement Obama uttered that day: “Starting tomorrow, everybody here, all the folks who are cleaning the floors at the Capitol … they’re going to have less pay. The janitors, the security guards, they just got a pay cut, and they’ve got to figure out how to manage that. That’s real.” No it’s not.


AP Sanitizes Joseph Kennedy II’s Quote on Chavez’s Death, Avoids Noting Dictator’s Wealth

CNN, which if I recall correctly severed formal ties with the Associated Press some time ago, quoted former congressman Joseph Kennedy II’s reaction to the death of Venezuela’s authoritarian leader Hugo Chavez as follows: “President Chavez cared deeply about the poor of Venezuela and other nations around the world and their abject lack of even basic necessities, while some of the wealthiest people on our planet have more money than they can ever reasonably expect to spend” … There are close to 2 million people in the United States who received free heating assistance, thanks to President Chavez’s leadership. Our prayers go out to President Chavez’s family, the people of Venezuela, and all who were warmed by his generosity.”

Here is how Christine Armario at the AP, with the help of Steve LeBlanc in Boston, sanitized Kennedy’s remarks:


NewsBusted (030513)

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Here we go:

–President Obama
–Obese Pets
–Mayor Bloomberg
–Hurricane Sandy
–NFL Scouting
–Taco Bell

Best Line: “A new study shows that 50% of America’s pets are obese. And today New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned 32-ounce container of Kibble.”

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Positivity: Bride’s special dance

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Just watch:

Story here.