March 8, 2013

Roger Friedman: Brooke Shields ‘Likely’ to Replace ‘Extremely Right Wing’ Hasselbeck on ‘The View’

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This posts builds on another by Noel Sheppard which appeared earlier today at NewsBusters. At, Roger Friedman, who worked at Fox News for a decade until he was fired in 2009 over alleged film piracy, claims that Brooke Shields is “Likely” to join “The View” as Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck depart. “Likely”? Wow, Rog, way to put yourself on the line.

Friedman went heavy on praise for Shields and took shots at Hasselbeck. Commenters certainly aren’t supportive, as will be seen after the jump.

First, Friedman’s first three paragraphs:

Big day on Barbara Walters’s “The View”: I can tell you exclusively that the likely new member of the panel is Brooke Shields. Sources say Barbara Walters really wants her. Shields is a Princeton graduate, very articulate and the right age– 47, believe it or not. She will also be a great Hollywood connection for the bookers, and she’s a mom. I’m told the deal isn’t done yet, but it’s thisclose (no typo there) to being signed. Brooke is an excellent choice.

Meantime, the sad news is that Joy Behar is leaving after 17 years. My sources say “she’s just had enough. She wants to try new things.” Walters loved her, and I’m sure she’s sad to see her go. Behar, it’s strongly said, may be returning to Headline News for her own talk show again. I never understood why she left HLN in the first place. I was a guest many times on that show and an avid viewer. Joy rocks.

Leaving with no tears from most is Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She was not popular with viewers. She was extremely right wing, and did not voice what women at home wanted to hear about just about anything. During Rosie O’Donnell’s time, EH was miserable to behold. Guests aren’t prone to speaking with her, she never matured into anything but the annoying neighbor who didn’t grow with the times.

Commenters, all but one of whom as of the time of the post agreed with Friedman, are letting him have it:

“Saying that nobody liked EH is ridiculous. She was the only reason we could stomach the show. With her leaving, and thus leaving the rampant liberalism unchecked, it is unlikely that many of us in “fly over” country will tune in.”

The View sucked because of Joy Behar and was good because of EH. Viewers loved Elizabeth…at least any with any lick of sense.”

“Is it at all possible you could have been a little more biased with your liberal viewpoint when you were dissecting Elizabeth Hasselbeck? She wasn’t Andrew Breitbart or even Sean Hannity. But, she was the lone wolf offering an alternative viewpoint.”

The real reason is that Hasselbeck was young, cute, and attractive and made the fat cows at home feel self conscious. I know the “she was too conservative” line is cute and all for you kids to report but she wasn’t all that conservative. … But “the view” isn’t supposed to be just one “view”. I guess they will rename it “The Group-think”.

“You men that continue to speak for us women and moms. Elizabeth was the ONLY one that spoke to my values.”

“You couldn’t be more wrong. Elisabeth resonated with a lot of women, just not the radical nut cases out there. This show will be very refreshing without the loudmouth redhead, who was nothing like her name. Elisabeth will be sorely missed.”

“Give me a break? So everybody in America is left wing, and nobody wants to hear conservative views? What you are saying is it has to be five to zero on a talk-show? You can’t even have one opposing viewpoint? That is your idea of what America wants in 2013? You are so typical of liberals, that is your concept of tolerance. The truth is that Elisabeth could have been a better conservative spokesperson, but she is better than none.”

“Guess we know which way you lean. Oh that’s right, it’s a sin to say one leans to the right. Elisabeth was the only reason I could even stomach the View.”

“Why is Hasselback “extremely right wing” but the extreme and bitter left wing politics of Behar are not referred to in parallel fashion?”

The answer to the final question is clearly that Friedman is clearly extremely left wing.

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