March 26, 2013

What ‘Common Core’ Is, and Why It Must Be Stopped, in 33 Minutes

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It’s a de facto federal takeover of the nation’s schools — ultimately all of them.

It effectively dictates how all schoolchildren will be taught — even those who are homeschooled — with no exceptions and eventually no opportunity for opt-out.

It ends individual privacy. The state and federal governments will know more about you and especially your kids than anyone else on earth, even including you, considering that we all have incomplete and imperfect memories.

Viewing the five important videos below (direct links: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5) will take barely more than the time it takes to sit through a TV sitcom episode. Please watch.



The two key web sites mentioned in the final part of the video are here:

Please take some of the actions suggested in the second half of Part 5.

Michelle Malkin had a great post on the privacy-ending aspects of Common Core on March 15.

On March 11, Malkin also posted an opt-out (via Truth in American Education) and links to her “Rotten to the Core series.

That opt-out form is important enough that yours truly, despite technical ignorance, figured out how to embed the form here at BizzyBlog. It’s below.


UPDATE: Obviously the big-picture issues are far more important in the long run, but Malkin’s dig into the details of her child’s Common Core-aligned Algebra book reveals that it “is crap,” and would make anyone wonder why we should be relying on the people who developed these materials as the sole source for national standards and curricula. Go see one of the busts here.


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