March 28, 2013

Ashley Judd Not Running for Senate in Ky. (For Now); Obsessed Politico Hardest Hit

Actress and Tennessee resident Ashley Judd announced today that she is not running for Senate in Kentucky.

Politico has two items on this political development. The main story by Maggie Halberman and Manu Raju defensively describes her as “an eighth-generation Kentuckian.” The second is a very short post from Caitlin McDevitt linking to the longer original which merely excerpts five paragraphs from the longer item. It’s at that post where a commenter made the following observation:

Politico tried so hard to get her to run. Judd was a unelectable liberal nut case. Politico couldn’t pump hard enough.Politico a TOTAL Dem pumper.

The commenter understated the situation. Politico’s promition of Judd’s possible candidacy has been an obsession.

Excluding duplicates, a search on “Ashley Judd” (in quotes) at the web site returned roughly 35 items — in March alone. That’s an average of more than one story per day.

Maybe the folks at Politico will start holding midnight vigils in front of Ms. Judd’s Tennessee home. After all, according to Halberman and Raju, “Judd’s decision could change in the future.”

Here’s a better idea, guys and gals: Start digging and giving readers the complete unvarnished story about the convoluted, contorted, economy-ruining behemoth known as ObamaCare is working out in real life. In other words, start doing some genuine work.

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