April 2, 2013

AP Fails to Tag Longtime Dem Arrested in Alleged NYC Mayor Election-Rigging Plot

Here’s a case of “name one party and not the other.”

Though there is no question that arrests made this morning in connection with an alleged plot to rig the 2013 New York City mayor’s include Republicans, and that they of course should be identified as such, there is also no question that the very first person named in the breaking Associated Press story which follows the jump is a Democrat, and should have been tagged as one:

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Positivity: Wisconsin missionary priest’s path to sainthood begins

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From La Crosse, Wisconsin:

Apr 2, 2013 / 12:02 am

The Diocese of La Crosse has opened the beatification cause of Wisconsin priest Father Joseph Walijewski on March 19, a missionary known as a humble man who helped the poor of Latin America.

“This guy was a saint,” Father Sebastian Kolodziejczyk, Executive Director of the Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II orphanage in Lima, Peru, told CNA April 1.

“He was all about doing God’s will as a priest,” Fr. Kolodziejczyk said. “He was always working with the poor, sharing the hardships of the poor people.”

Bishop William P. Callahan of La Crosse opened the cause for beatification, another step on the priest’s path to possible canonization. Canon lawyer Dr. Andrea Ambrosi will be the postulator for the Wisconsin priest’s beatification cause.

An edict tacked to the front door of La Crosse’s Cathedral of St. Joseph the Worker asked for anyone with positive or negative testimony about the priest to give testimony to a diocesan tribunal investigating his cause.

Fr. Kolodziejczyk, who worked with Fr. Walijewski and succeeded him as orphanage director, said the opening of the beatification cause was not a surprise to him or to those who knew the priest personally.