June 12, 2013

NewsBusted (061213, 060413)

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June 4:

– Michelle Obama
– Jay Carney
– President Obama
– War on Terror
– Guantanamo Bay
– Charles Ramsey
– Eric Holder
– Robert Menendez
– Montana Dog Ate Cash

Best Line: “Cleveland kidnapping hero Charles Ramsey has refused offers by local restaurants to receive free hamburgers for life. When they learned of the offers, angry Democrats said, ‘Hey, offering people free stuff for life is our job.”

June 12:

– Mobile Devices
– President Obama
– NSA Surveillance
– Supreme Court
– DNA Samples
– George W. Bush
– Congress
– Eric Holder
– Tea Party
– Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hassan
– New Jersey senator Frank Lautenberg
– Michelle Obama
– IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman

Best Line: “President Obama insists that the NSA surveillance program does not listen to your phone calls, which marks the first time President Obama claimed to have knowledge about any of his own programs.”


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