June 19, 2013

Feds’ GDP report by state exposes Ohio’s mediocre recovery

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Ohio has gone from growth leader to laggard in just one year.


This column was posted with minor revisions at Watchdog.org a short time ago.


At the Republican National Convention in September 2012, Ohio Governor John Kasich regaled attendees about the supposedly robust economic recovery the state was achieving on his watch.

As I have previously noted, recent federal government jobs and unemployment claims reports have been telling a different story. Earlier this month, we received further confirmation that Ohio’s alleged rebirth has been overhyped.

The federal government’s Gross Domestic Product by State report released on June 6 had good news and bad news. The good news in that in 2011, Kasich’s first year in office, Ohio’s economy grew by a revised 2.9 percent, greatly outperforming the 1.6 percent growth seen in the rest of the nation. The bad news is that the performance was less stellar than it should have been, given the Buckeye State economy’s badly deteriorated condition, but it was still a decent start. But in 2012, Ohio’s 2.2 percent growth trailed the nation’s overall 2.5 percent.

Given that it is one of only two states in the union whose economy contracted during the past decade, and that the blame for that shrinkage rests largely on the administrations of its previous two misguided governors, Ohio should be bouncing back much more strongly.

There Is No Outrage On The Political Left Over Spying Programs Because They’re in Charge

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At Investor’s Business Daily on Friday, Dana Milbank asked:

Where have all the liberals gone? President Obama, who as a Democratic senator accused the Bush White House of violating civil liberties in the name of security, now vigorously defends his own administration’s collection of Americans’ phone records and Internet activities.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said he thinks Congress has done sufficient intelligence oversight. His evidence? Opinion polls.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi defended the programs’ legality and said she wants Edward Snowden prosecuted for leaking details of the secret operations.

Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., chairwoman of the Senate intelligence committee, accused Snowden of treason and defended false testimony given to her committee by the director of national intelligence, who in March had denied the programs’ existence.

The answer to Milbank’s question is: When their party is in power and trying to preserve and perpetuate it, these people are statists first, and liberals a distant and only coincidental second.

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Positivity: Children’s journey of beauty ends with papal visit

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From Vatican City:

Jun 18, 2013 / 09:02 am

This coming Sunday, almost 500 disadvantaged children will arrive at the Vatican on a special red train, where they will be greeted by Pope Francis as part of their “Journey of Beauty.”

The project focuses on children, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi explained, “because I think that therein lies the root from which we must build a generation of young persons who still have … the beauty of creativity – that doesn’t seem old at the start – who aren’t already discouraged the way we are but who are ready to live more the future that awaits them.”

The “Children’s Train: A Journey of Beauty” was unveiled during a June 18 press conference at the Vatican’s press office by Cardinal Ravasi, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, and other organizers.

The children’s initiative was actually born out of a suggestion by a participant in the pontifical council’s event for creating dialogue between believing and non-believing adults, called the Courtyard of the Gentiles.

The Courtyard of the Children initiative first launched in December 2012, with the aim of giving young kids the chance to directly experience beauty through art and the world of images.

Patrizia Martinez, the coordinator of the Children’s Courtyard, said that it has been very well received by the kids, most of whom come from difficult circumstances.

“I am here to share the joy and enthusiasm of the children,” Martinez said.

In fact, this will be the first time that many of the kids have traveled on a train, let alone a red “Frecciarossa” bullet train.

The June 23 voyage to the Vatican will begin in Milan and stop in Bologna and Florence on the way to Rome.

In each city, disadvantaged children from the city who have been taking part in the Courtyard initiative will board the train, which is being made available by the Italian State Railway.

In total, 450 children of various nationalities and between the ages of six and 10-years-old will travel with their teachers, family members and volunteers to the Vatican. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

‘Glock Block’ in Oregon Neighborhood 10 Miles From Portland Gets National Attention, But None From the Oregonian

Odds are that the ultraliberal, Occupy movement-supporting crowd in Portland, Oregon, which includes its mayor, who told the Los Angeles Times in late 2011 that “I support a lot of what the movement stands for, as a political leader” — are already trying to figure out how to stop what they surely see as a dangerous idea which has sprung up about 10 miles to the south: fed-up citizens arming themselves.

Portland is among several localities in the Beaver State which “have banned loaded firearms in all public places.” That’s apparently not the case in an unincorporated area of Clackamas County near the suburb of Milwaukie, where a fed-up woman is forming a “Glock Block” that Portland’s OregonLive.com web site, based on a search on “Glock” returning no relevant results, is ignoring, despite the national attention the group has begun to receive. Portland TV station KOIN has the following story (HT to Zero Hedge):