June 25, 2013

NewsBusted (062513)

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Here we go:

– Obama Speech in Berlin
– Chris Matthews
– Marco Rubio
– Illegal Immigrants
– Bush More Popular then Obama
– Al Gore
– Keystone Pipeline
– Miami Heat
– Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Best Lines:

  • “A new poll shows that George W. Bush is now more popular than President Obama. The poll was conducted by the NSA based on phone conversations of people who didn’t know they were being monitored.”
  • “Al Gore called the Keystone Pipeline an atrocity — which means Gore is just angry he couldn’t find a way to make a profit off it.” (Background: “Al Gore sells Current TV to Al-Jazeera, nets reported $100 million.” Al Jazeera is an Arab oil money-supported propaganda network pretending to be a legitimate news organization.)

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