July 9, 2013

Let’s Get a ‘Kelly Girl’ President in the White House

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Kelly Services is now the nation’s number two employer behind Wal-Mart.

Despite what it says about the economy and the job market — and of course it says a lot — the situation does lead to a useful idea, given the firm’s legacy:

William Russell Kelly founded Russell Kelly Office Service in 1946, initially providing office services performed at Kelly’s offices, rather than providing temporary staffing at the client’s location. However, customers asked for the work to be performed at their locations, and the temporary staffing concept was born out of responding to this type of request. It was in 1946 that the first ‘Kelly Girls’ came into scope and the first ‘Kelly Girl’ was Adelaide Hess Moran who was able to demonstrate that this new working sphere for women could be one to enjoy.

The temporary workers, who were usually female, became known as ‘Kelly girls’. In recognition of this, the name of the company was changed to Kelly Girl Service, Inc. in 1957. The term ‘Kelly girl’ became a widely used term for a temporary worker, regardless of the worker’s company affiliation or gender. In 1966 the name of the company was changed to Kelly Services, Inc., in order to reflect an expanding range of services.

So here’s what we do to get rid of both the nation’s current serious leadership problem and another one we face a mere 3-1/2 years from now: Have an experienced “Kelly Girl” take over the duties and title of President of the United States “temporarily” for the next 42 months and 11 days. That way, President Obama (we’ll call him “Present President Obama”) can concentrate on what’s really important to him: golf, basketball, and White House parties.

(Our Kelly Girl President may have to get used to having Obama call her “President Sweetie,” but I digress).

This move will accomplish a number of things:

  • It will greatly reduce the damage Obama is inflicting on the office and the nation.
  • Paying her a President’s salary will reduce the gender-based pay inequity in the White House.
  • Most importantly, the nation will finally have its first female president — We shouldn’t have to wait for that. This accomplishment will, as a result, remove the one and only reason why all but a few hardened leftists would want to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. What else will Mrs. Clinton campaign on? Benghazi? Egypt? Syria? That Russian “reset”? How well ObamaCare, which is the realization of her HillaryCare dreams going back over 20 years, is working out?

Some may object that there are laws against having a temp — even a President — remain a temp for longer than 12 months. No problem: Our Kelly Girl President will build on what Obama has done with ObamaCare’s employer mandate: She’ll just delay enforcement of those laws until January 20, 2017.

If Obama ever asks about how things are going, our Kelly Girl President can just tell him he can read about it in the newspapers.

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Positivity: Pope Francis invites homeless to dine at Vatican

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From Vatican City:

Jul 9, 2013 / 12:07 am

On July 1 Pope Francis invited a group of 200 homeless individuals to dinner at the Vatican, where they were served in his name by Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello.

Cardinal Bertello, president of the Governatorate of the Vatican City State, spent the entire evening with the special guests, with whom he chatted at length and shared personal experiences, according to the July 3 edition of L’Osservatore Romano.

“I welcome you in the name of the Pope. As you know, this is your home, and he is pleased that you are here,” he told the group of homeless persons before dinner was served.

The dinner took place near the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in the Vatican. “Our Lady who stands before us looks upon us with serenity,” the cardinal said.

“It that same gaze that I wish upon each one of you and upon those who care for you with so much love.”

The dinner was organized by the Circle of Saint Peter, a papal charity. The evening was only one of a number of such events it holds throughout the year at its shelter in Rome “as a concrete sign of the Pope’s charity.”

After his welcoming address, Cardinal Bertello invited the guests to pray and said that their response “was a great success.”

The group was brought to the Vatican by bus and was received by 122 members of the Circle of St. Peter, led by its president, Leopoldo Torlonia.

The homeless were among the many that come to the organization’s shelter each day for meals, a place to sleep, and clean clothing.

The menu for the dinner was prepared by chefs from Naples, and members of the Circle acted as waiters, along with their wives and children. …

Go here for the rest of the story.