July 17, 2013

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (071713)

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I’m going to try something new today and see what readers (and I) think of it. I’m going to keep the open thread at the top and add (usually) brief items — some new, some not so new — as the day goes by. I’m going to try to keep this going for several days to clear out some items which need to be noticed and to get some feedback.

Rules are here. Possible comment fodder follows. Other topics are also fair game.

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4:55 p.m.: For the “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day” file — “Jimmy Carter: Jury got it right in Zimmerman case.” I wonder what he’ll say if anyone says otherwise as his annual human rights conferences?

4:15 p.m.: At EAG News on July 8 — “Common Core gives leftist educators a backdoor for bringing activism into the classroom”

2:15 p.m.: Culture of Corruption Update: “IRS Chief Counsel was Involved in Targeting Tea Party Groups” (original WaPo coverage).

2:00 p.m.: Also not to be missed in the sore losers’ Zimmerman verdict, via Doug Ross“Trayvon Martin, Burglary Tools, and PCP-style Drug Cocktails.” Read the whole painful thing.

1:55 p.m.: At Breitbart’s Big Journalism — John Nolte has a timeline of the press’s disgraceful coverage in the 45 days from February to April of last year leading to George Zimmerman’s arrest.

1:50 p.m.: “Chances are, your local or state police departments have photographs of your car in their files, noting where you were driving on a particular day, even if you never did anything wrong.”

1:30 p.m. (aka “Who’s the Bigot Now?”): “CNN: Zimmerman Prosecutor Excused Potential Black Juror for Being a Fox News Watcher”

1:25 p.m., for the “There Is No Voter Fraud” file: Melowese Richardson, a former poll worker in the Madisonville neighborhood of Cincinnati, was sentenced to five years in prison today four counts of illegal voting (five previous BizzyBlog posts are here). When first confronted with the charges, Richardson said: “I’ll fight it (the charges) for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.””

1:00 p.m.: Little-known George Zimmerman fact — “In 2010 race-related beating case, George Zimmerman pushed to discipline same officers who investigated Trayvon Martin shooting.” More: “A member of the Zimmerman family wrote that George was one of ‘very few’ in Sanford who publicly condemned the ‘beating of the black homeless man Sherman Ware on Dec. 4, 2010, by the son of a Sanford police officer,’ who is white.”

Update: Let’s build on that:

Zimmerman’s high school prom date- black.
Zimmerman’s business partner- black.
Zimmerman’s wife’s best friend- black.
Kids Zimmerman tutors after school for free- black.
Neighbor Zimmerman invited to stay at his house as long as she needed after being rattled by a break in to her house, black.
Homeless man killed that Zimmerman fought for justice for- black.
Fifty-one percent of the neighborhood where Zimmerman rents a house- black/brown.

Seriously, if you have spouted this nonsense (about Zimmerman being a racist), shame on you.

If you’ve spouted the nonsense about Zimmerman being a racist and you knew any of the above items, you probably have no shame.

12:10 p.m: At Zero Hedge on Monday — “America’s Undisputed Job Dynamo: Texas”

11:40 p.m.: Sharon Coolidge at the Cincinnati Enquirer has a short memory about the conduct of former First District Congressman Steve Driehaus. It is certainly true that his name doesn’t belong in the same sentence with Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, and it is obviously noble that he is currently serving in the Peace Corps. But it is NOT correct to say that “he remains a respected politician” after launching and (thank goodness) losing a sore-loser lawsuit against Susan B. Anthony’s List for telling the truth in the 2010 election about his support for ObamaCare constituting a betrayal of his alleged pro-life beliefs. SBA’s position has been vindicated many times over as we’ve seen what’s really in the Affordable Care Act. Just ask the Catholic Church, of which Driehaus is still a member, Hobby Lobby, and many others. Update: I also should remind readers that Driehaus agreed with an African-American judge that “those who are going around ‘carrying tea bags’ are ‘the modern-day version of the KKK’ when he spoke at a Cincinnati ObamaCare “celebration” event which yours truly attended in April 2010. Sorry, Sharon Coolidge: I will never “respect” that.

11:30 a.m.: COAST thinks it’s hopeless to try to stop the Cincinnati parking operations lease fleece. Now is not the time to go wobbly, guys and gals. Believe me, I understand the frustration, but there are still plenty of moves left in the Alinsky playbook if you, Chris Smitherman, and neighborhood groups wish to use them.

11:25 a.m.: Culture of Unprecedented Corruption Update, in the Washington Times on Monday — “Feds admit improper scrutiny of candidate, donor tax records; Justice has declined to prosecute any of the cases”

11:20 a.m.: At Forbes on Tuesday (HT Rush Limbaugh) — “Labor Unions: Obamacare Will ‘Shatter’ Our Health Benefits, Cause ‘Nightmare Scenarios’”

11:00 a.m.: Andrew Malcolm at Investory’s Business Daily on Tuesday — “With little media notice, Obama’s poll numbers sink”



  1. The art of the legal shake down:

    Now we have a possible explanation for the Martin Family’s real motivation for stirring racial strife in this faux moral drama over Trayvon’s death…legalized extortion – Lawfare.

    “We are not asking that he [Zimmerman] be convicted; We are asking that he be arrested”


    “We are not asking that he [Zimmerman] be convicted; We are asking that he be arrested”

    -Benjamin Crump Esq.
    Attorney for Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fuller
    (Quoted to Piers Morgan on 4/3/2012)…

    …Without an arrest there is no standing for a civil case awarding monetary damages to Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fuller against George Zimmerman, the HOA for The Retreat At Twin Lakes, and possibly the City of Sanford and all of their respective insurance companies.

    The same bad actors involved in Lawfare in another case (Ware) are involved in Trayvon’s case. Now we understand why Corey brought the charges, to bypass the State’s immunity law to give the Martin Family the opportunity to file civil damage suits against a host of unwilling victims. It’s all about money.

    The shake down may not go as planned though since Rachael Jeantel has spilled the beans in an interview on Trayvon’s motivation for confronting George Zimmerman, he profiled George as a “gay” person who both of them considered a potential child rapist of little boys. Trayvon Martin according to Rachael Jeantel’s statements of her conversation with Trayvon exposed his animus against not only whites but also gays. Trayvon Martin therefore died while engaging in a hate crime against George Zimmerman on the basis of this perceived color and sexual orientation. You can’t profit in a law suit when you were in the process of committing a crime.

    JEANTEL: Yes. Definitely after I say may be a rapist, for every boy, for every man, every — who’s not that kind of way, seeing a grown man following them, would they be creep out?

    She continued:

    “And people need to understand, he didn’t want that creepy ass cracker going to his father or girlfriend’s house to go get — mind you, his little brother was there. You know — now, mind you, I told you — I told Trayvon it might have been a rapist.”


    AND the prosecutor knew these facts and did not disclose them at the evidentiary hearing. Earth to MSM, we have another Mike Nifong that needs to be disbarred.

    Comment by dscott — July 17, 2013 @ 11:47 am

  2. Harshing the narrative:

    “I believe Trayvon hit first,” Rachael Jeantel


    I bet the Martins and their cadre of race hustling lawyers including Corey are sorry now that they got Jeantel to speak up, now she just won’t shut up!

    So to summarize Trayvon’s life as sourced by himself on Twitter, the school system, his mother and Jeantel:

    Uncontrollable and unruly – mother
    Kicked out of house by mother
    Caught with burglary tools and engaged in graffiti – school
    Caught with drug paraphernalia – school
    Suspended for same by school
    Manufactured Lean, a narcotic drink – Trayvon’s twitter
    Had racial issues with light skinned people – Jeantel
    Had animus toward gays – Jeantel
    Considered gays as child rapists – Jeantel
    Profiled Zimmerman as a gay rapist – Jeantel
    Trayvon turned to confront Zimmerman verbally due to this profile- Jeantel
    Trayvon threw the first punch – Jeantel

    Leaving out the obvious that Trayvon being 6 ft 2 inches considered Zimmerman being 5 ft 7 inches an easy opponent to overcome. Any person entering into a fight first considers the size of the opponent and the likelihood of winning before initiating the fight. This would support Jeantel’s belief that Trayvon initiated the altercation based on a preponderance of evidence and likelihood.

    Based on this summary it is accurate to say that Trayvon’s life was that of a person who was a drug abusing racist homophobe with impulse control issues.

    This is what the Black Leadership considers a martyr to the Black cause of equality? These are the qualifications to elevate Trayvon to Sainthood by the race hustlers?
    One wonders what they would consider a hellion…Rev. Peterson, JC Watts, Walter Williams?

    The tragedy here is that Trayvon apparently is considered the model child of what it is to be Black Culture. Trayvon being indoctrinated by the trendiness of hate mongering race hustlers lost his life in the commission of what would be considered a hate crime in many states. The tragedy here is that America lost yet another person’s potential to be an asset to society because everyone who surrounded him guided him into a life of hatred and failure which they considered to be normal. Really America, is this the new normal, the Transformative Change promised by Obama???? Then why is Obama and Holder exploring Federal litigation against Zimmerman? You know the answer, it was admitted to by virtually everyone who disagrees with the verdict…the color of Zimmerman’s skin.

    Comment by dscott — July 18, 2013 @ 7:43 am

  3. “The tragedy here is that Trayvon apparently is considered the model child of what it is to be Black Culture.”

    That is a huge and beyond tragic point. Who knows how many black kids will be encouraged to believe that being like Trayvon was is cool as an in-your-face to the “power structure”?

    There must be a special place in hell for the race hustlers and opportunistic rappers who promote this line of “thought.”

    Comment by Tom — July 18, 2013 @ 7:58 am

  4. Clarification on source of manufacturing Lean – Trayvon’s Facebook Page and summary.


    Source of facebook quote:


    On June 27, 2011, Trayvon asks a friend online, “unow a connect for codien?” He tells the friend that “robitussin nd soda” could make “some fire ass lean.” He says, “I had it before” and that he wants “to make some more.” On the night of February 26, if Brandy had some Robitussin at home, Trayvon had just bought the mixings for one “fire ass lean” cocktail.

    Comment by dscott — July 18, 2013 @ 9:21 am

  5. Angela Corey, the current Mike Nifong of ethics

    Angela Corey’s Checkered Past


    In June 2012, Alan Dershowitz, a well-known defense attorney who has been a professor at Harvard Law School for nearly half a century, criticized Corey for her affidavit in the Zimmerman case. Making use of a quirk of Florida law that gives prosecutors, for any case except first-degree murder, the option of filing an affidavit with the judge instead of going to a grand jury, Corey filed an affidavit that, according to Dershowitz, “willfully and deliberately omitted” crucial exculpatory evidence: namely, that Trayvon Martin was beating George Zimmerman bloody at the time of the fatal gunshot. So Corey avoided a grand jury, where her case likely would not have held water, and then withheld evidence in her affidavit to the judge. “It was a perjurious affidavit,” Dershowitz tells me, and that comes with serious consequences: “Submitting a false affidavit is grounds for disbarment.”

    Comment by dscott — July 18, 2013 @ 11:34 am

  6. #5, wow. Even if you try to keep up with this case, you can’t keep up with this case.

    Comment by Tom — July 18, 2013 @ 11:47 am

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