July 23, 2013

Steve Malzberg Show Audio on Trayvon Martin and ‘Lean’

Click on the “Steve Malzberg” link below to listen to audio addressing the Zimmerman car rescue, Trayvon Martin and “lean,” and the lie that “Zimmerman was told to stay in his car.”

Steve Malzberg



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  2. I had an interesting discussion with a person who is Black regarding this issue. The person in question was buying into Obama’s line of reasoning that they would have been Trayvon if it were them at that age. We didn’t get to finish the conversation but I suspect more will occur in the next couple of days.

    I carefully considered the trap they put themselves into in accepting the personal identification with Trayvon based on race experience. The problem here is that they want to walk away and exclude Trayvon’s drug abuse as not revelant to what happened that night. However, realizing the misdirection I pressed on the issue of Trayvon’s drug use and pointed this person in the direction of reviewing Lean, how it’s made and the fact that Trayvon was talking about this on his facebook page. The chink in the narrative foisted by Obama and bought by many Blacks is that drug abuse causes people to do things they ordinarily would not do such as sucker punch someone or attack them. I had to patiently explain to this person that Trayvon had liver damage from the use of Lean and this was discovered during the autopsy. Lean causes the abuser to have episodes of paranoia and aggression. And finally, Rachael Jeantel admitted in her phone conversations with Trayvon that night that he decided Zimmerman was a gay person intent on raping him or his younger brother because of his light skin. When you sum up the facts of abusing Lean, we understand why Trayvon attacked Zimmerman as this is what the abuse of this drug cocktail does to it’s victims.

    The interesting up shot during the conversation was the repeated claim they weren’t there to witness what happened and neither was I as though everyone’s opinion is equal by disregarding the facts. Everyone’s opinion is not equal, you are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts. Opinions based on feelings are NOT equal to opinions based on fact and that’s why the jury verdict is so important.

    I believe it is vitally important to the discourse that everyone proffering their opinion of Trayvon’s innocent child meme needs to be confronted with his drug abuse and the effects of Lean. Trayvon was not innocent by any means, however, Trayvon did not deserve to die anymore than a person foolishly walking out in the middle of a busy street deserves to die. All actions have consequences regardless of what one deserves, you walk into the middle of a busy traffic path, the probability radically increases that you will die. The fact that Trayvon was kicked out of the house by his mother due to his uncontrolled behavior and unruliness speaks to a life spiraling downward out of control. His death was the high probability outcome of his lifestyle just as the daily death toll in Chicago.

    The situation is coming to a boil and something has to change but we know Sharpton, Jackson and Obama won’t go there to deal with the issues, they are too busy and intellectually lazy to confront the drug abuse problem. Nature will take it’s course and delete from the gene pool those who accept and make excuses to continue to fail. Nature is cruel that way but the species will be saved none the less by removing those who infectious acceptance of failure as some kind of civil right and not for what it is…stupidity.

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