September 30, 2013

AP Finally Fact-Checks ‘Slippery Claims’ on Obamacare, But Buries Obama’s Empty ‘You Can Keep Your Plan’ Promise in Paragraph 15

Calvin Woodward finally got around to “fact-checking” Obamacare’s “slippery claims” this morning, 3-1/2 years after the Affordable Care Act became law and the day before open enrollment in its state insurance exchanges was to begin. Way to be there when it matters, Cal.

Woodward’s report (also saved here for future reference, fair use and discussion purposes) also mixed in budget showdown issues, and buried President Barack Obama’s original false claim, that “If you like your health plan, you can keep it,” in a very late paragraph. Such courage (/sarcasm). Excerpts follow the jump (bolds are mine):


I Would Analyze the Associated Press’s Disgraceful Pre-Shutdown Story …

… but John Hinderaker at Powerline has nailed Andrew Taylor’s de facto trampling of the truth.

Go there. Then tell people how insanely biased the news they’ll hear tomorrow morning will be.

NYT Bemoans August Al Qaeda Plot Leak After Blowing Open Bush Admin Financial Monitoring in 2006

Isn’t this rich? The New York Times, in a Sunday story placed on the front page of Monday’s print edition, took shots at another news organization for leaking sensitive intelligence. The Old Grey Lady must think we all have short memories.

Unfortunately, Dylan Byers at the Politico does have a short memory — either that, or he’s protecting the sacred Times and its history-challenged reporters Eric Schmitt and Michael S. Schmidt. Here’s how Byers lays out the situation (bolds are mine throughout this post):


Twitter Allowing Terrorist Account Set-ups, Recommends ‘Follows’ For Other Terrorists

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It’s not yet a safe haven, but it seems that terrorist outfits are having little problem setting up Twitter accounts. It also seems that these accounts tend to stay up until someone complains, meaning that the company either has no effective mechanisms for detecting pro-terror sentiments and the gruesome pictures which sometimes accompany them, or isn’t using them. The ease with which all of this can be done has not become much of a national story, even though becoming one would seem to be a natural outgrowth of last week’s Kenya mall attack, given that one such Twitter account gleefully posted attack photos.

Here are some of the specfiics from Bridget Johnson at PJ Media (bolds are mine):

Twitter Not Only Allows Terrorist Accounts, But Suggests Terrorists to Follow


As terrorists increasingly have embraced social media, Twitter has increasingly come under criticism for hosting terror feeds. Al-Shabaab is on it sixth account after getting suspended in the past for tweeting photos of a dead French special ops soldier, and most recently the Somali terror outlet blazed through a few accounts after suspensions for gloating about the Westgate mall massacre. Their latest account, @HSM_PR, has remained active for many days now and has racked up 59 tweets. During the attack and its aftermath, journalists were checking the Shabaab feed for its latest claims and links to statements.

So when al-Qaeda announced it had launched its first official Twitter account, I, like other journalists who cover terrorism, hit the follow button. The @shomokhalislam account was suspended Sunday by Twitter after being allowed to remain open since Tuesday, posting nearly 50 tweets that included an attack on “the servants of worshipers of the cross” in a bombing that targeted staff of Pakistan’s interior minister in Peshawar.

On Saturday, I received one of those occasional emails from Twitter offering suggestions based on a recent follow — suggesting that I follow other terrorists.

The first suggested account, “Islam Workshop,” is connected to an al-Qaeda web forum to “rouse the believers.”

… The second appears to be linked to the Al-Battar training camp, al-Qaeda’s program that has offered DIY as well as hands-on terrorist advice.

The fourth claims to be “one of the foot soldiers” of Al-Shabaab, and posted several press photo from the Westgate attack while gloating about Shabaab’s gruesome accomplishments.

Twitter has said it can’t comment on users when asked to explain why terrorist accounts remain up. The only reason Al-Shabaab’s account fell a couple of times after the horrific Westgate attack was because of intense pressure from angry Twitter users in Africa and around the globe.

Twitter’s official policies relating to account suspension do not depend solely on user complaints. Even given terrorists’ occasional level of tech sophistication, it is especially troubling, given Twitter’s policy that “Accounts created to replace suspended accounts will be permanently suspended,” that terrorists have been able to create new post-suspension accounts.

Obviously, the prohibitions against “Violence and Threats” and “Unlawful Use” should also be quite relevant.

It’s disappointing that Twitter appears not to be automatcially deploying its search engines to detect key words which raise suspicions of terrorist affiliation — or if it is, it’s not paying much attention to generated results.

One would think that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security might be interested in the ease with which terrorists can set up accounts and have them go undetected in Twitterland — that is, if they, the NSA, and others can tear themselves away from spying on Americans’ love interests long enough to do real national security work.

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Sy Hersh: ‘The republic’s in trouble, we lie about everything, lying has become the staple.’

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize winner, is definitely on the left philosophically.

But he’s also consistent in pursuit of the truth, which is a problem when almost all of the rest of the establishment press has become leftist Obama administration lapdogs.

The excerpt which follows doesn’t require a lot of elaboration (bolds are mine):

Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the ‘pathetic’ American media

The Obama administration lies systematically, he claims, yet none of the leviathans of American media, the TV networks or big print titles, challenge him.

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Positivity: John Paul II, John XXIII to be canonized Divine Mercy Sunday

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From Vatican City:

Sep 30, 2013 / 03:34 am

The Vatican has announced that former Popes John Paul II and John XXIII are slated to be canonized this coming spring.

The announcement was made following the Sept. 30 consistory, in which the Holy Father proclaimed that the pontiffs would be canonized together April 27, 2014 on the second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.

A consistory is a meeting where the Pope and the College of Cardinals come together to discuss and determine dates for current causes of beatification or canonization.

In recent months, the final steps paving the way towards Bl. John Paul II’s canonization, including the approval of the second needed miracle, have been completed.

However, in the case of John XXIII, only one miracle has been formally approved by the Vatican, instead of the usual two. Although the decision to waive the second miracle is unusual, it is within the authority of the Pope to do so.

When the decision was announced earlier this summer, Vatican press office director Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J. explained that since there was already one approved miracle allowing Pope John XXIII to be beatified, the canonization will still be valid, even without a second miracle. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

September 29, 2013

As Contrary Evidence Mounts, Establishment Press Ignores President’s ‘No Widespread Evidence Obamacare Is Hurting Jobs’ Claim

Google News really needs to work on its results counter. The first page of its 10:15 p.m. search listings on [Obama "widespread evidence"] (typed exactly as indicated between brackets) tells us that there are “about 90 results,” but moving to the second page of listed results shows there are only 11 (technically 13, because the first listing on the first page has three items).

Those sparse results, none of which except for Fox News would be considered an establishment press outlet, show that the press, including Darlene Superville at the Associated Press in an onsite report, has ignored the following howler delivered by President Barack Obama in Largo, Maryland on Thursday: “There’s no widespread evidence that the Affordable Care Act is hurting jobs.” Given the definition of “widespread” (“distributed over a wide region, or occurring in many places or among many persons or individuals”), it’s more than safe to say that the list of 313 companies either laying people off or cutting workers’ hours due to Obamacare renders Obama’s claim completely false. Excerpts from an item containing the list by IBD’s Jed Graham written the day before Obama’s speech follow the jump.


AP’s Lederman Falsely Frames Obamacare Opponents’ Position: It ‘Requires Government to Kill Its Citizens’

Overheated and intellectually dishonest statements this weekend revolving around the impending government shutdown have not been limited to politicians in Washington, or even to pundits and commentators.

Saturday at the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, Josh Lederman, in a “Spin Meter” story, falsely claimed that Obamacare opponents believe that the law will mandate the government’s killing of patients. See how he does it after the jump (bolds are mine throughout this post):


Well, at Least Now We’re Clear: ‘I Want a World Where All Your Churches Burn’

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Leftist hate (HT The Blaze; Warning — foul language alert):


The 26-second clip appears to show an unidentified student at Indiana University approaching the pro-life college group, allegedly upset with a display they had erected on the campus.

“You’re in conflict with the world that I want which is a world where all your churches burn … And if we are ever strong enough, we are going to stop you.”

They’re already closer than is typically acknowledged — if not to the burning, at least to the stopping.

Also at the Blaze:

According to the email Students For Life sent out, another student also ripped out pink crosses they had placed in the ground that were supposed to symbolize the amount of “babies that Planned Parenthood kills each day.” The student allegedly shouted abortion “was awesome” as he removed the crosses.

Anyone who thinks the expressed desire seen above for ostracism of anyone with pious religious views, if not outright religious persecution, is an outlier, hasn’t been paying enough attention.

IPCC Global Warming Report Moves Former WSJ Weatherman to Tweet ‘Tears,’ Promise to Have No Kids, Never Fly Again

Whether the ice caps are melting and by how much may be debatable, but the debate is over as to whether former Wall Street Journal weatherman Eric Holthaus, who now works at Quartz (, has had a meltdown.

In a series of tweets on Friday afternoon (scroll down at link; HT Twitchy), Holthaus told the world of his reaction to the latest wave of hot air emanating from the Intergovernmental Governmental Panel on Climate Change, and actions he plans to take to respond to it (most recent tweet is first; underlines are mine):


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Positivity: True Christians bear humiliation with ‘joy and patience,’ says Pope

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From Vatician City:

Sep 27, 2013 / 06:54 am

During his daily homily Pope Francis reflected on the nature of what it means to be a Christian, saying that an authentic follower of Christ is able to endure difficulties with a positive attitude.

The Pope imparted his message to those gathered in the Vatican’s Santa Marta guesthouse for his daily Mass on Sept. 27.

Stressing the need and importance of sacrifice in the Christian’s life of faith, the Pope began his homily by reflecting on the Gospel reading from St. Luke where Jesus asks his disciples who they think he is.

Pope Francis recounted how it was after this question that Peter replies with his declaration that Jesus is the Christ, but that once Jesus warns of his upcoming passion and death, “Peter was frightened and scandalized.”

This attitude, said the pontiff, is “just like many Christians” who declare that “this will never happen to you, I will follow you up to this point.”

“This is the temptation of a spiritual wellbeing.”

Just like the rich young man from the gospel, “who wanted to follow Jesus but only up to a certain point,” the Pope explained that “the scandal of the Cross continues to block many Christians” who complain about the wrongdoings and insults they suffer, rather than following the way of the cross.

“The proof if somebody is a true Christian is his or her ability to endure humiliations with joy and patience.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.

September 28, 2013

Brent Bozell on ‘The Gay Passion Play’

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Bozell’s most recent column, carried at NewsBusters, reminds us that the Matthew Shepard story is a myth which apparently cannot be disturbed by the truth:

Jimenez argues after years of research and interviews that Shepard and his killers Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were deeply involved in drugs. Not only that, they may not be straight men. McKinney presented himself as a “straight hustler” turning tricks for money or drugs, but others say he’s bisexual. A former lover of Shepard’s claims Shepard and McKinney had sex while doing drugs in the back of a limo. As Hicklin recounted, “A manager of a gay bar in Denver recalls seeing photos of McKinney and Henderson in the papers and recognizing them as patrons of his bar. He recounts his shock at realizing ‘these guys who killed that kid came from inside our own community.’”

The media don’t have to accept this theory whole. But after the countless stories claiming Shepard was a victim of an anti-gay hate crime, shouldn’t they cover it? But it shouldn’t be surprising that the liberal media have completely ignored Jimenez. The Washington Post is the most duplicitious. The Post is so shameless that they wrote a big article on Ford staging “The Laramie Project” without making any effort to identify themselves as the “Official Media Partner” of this propaganda festival.

It is even worse than this. The Shepard gay hate crime victim story was exposed as false … almost ten years ago.

ABC’s “20/20″ took apart the legend in 2004. Elizabeth Vargas told Bill O’Reilly that the prosecutor in the Shepard case never believed it was a hate crime. Instead, it was about drugs …

The press, academia, and the entertainment industry are dishonestly perpetuating the Matthew Shepard myth for agenda-driven and cynical commercial reasons.

So many, if not most, of the left’s core historical assertions used to rationalize their beliefs and positions are similarly without basis or nearly so.

Related, from Ed Driscoll: “When The Legend Becomes Fact, Print The Legend”

In Covering the Week’s Market Decline, AP’s Freed Uses Possible Government Shutdown As Excuse to Mask Weakening Economy

Joshua Freed’s Friday afternoon report on the week’s results in the stock market at the Associated Press spent nine paragraphs telling readers how the current budget battle in Washington and possible government shutdown are causing stocks to retreat.

Though he obviously didn’t admit it, Freed’s narrative fell apart in later paragraphs as he discussed “mixed economic signals” which aren’t mixed at all. They range from “pretty bad” to “really bad.” Excerpts, mostly about the “mixed signals,” follow the jump (bolds are mine throughout this post):