September 9, 2013

Congressman Massie: Massively (‘Vehemently’) Opposed to Syria Intervention

Just received this email (bolds are mine):

OpEd: There is no immediate threat, and this is not our fight


Constituents of Kentucky’s Fourth District have made clear their overwhelming opposition to the use of military force in Syria.

I, too, am vehemently opposed to U.S. military involvement in Syria.

In June, I introduced the War Powers Protection Act of 2013 to block unauthorized U.S. military and paramilitary involvement in Syria.

Since our national security interests in Syria are unclear, and because Syria poses no imminent threat, I plan to vote against authorizing the use of military force in Syria.

Though the president has decided to seek permission from Congress, he implied in last Saturday’s speech that he could ignore the voice of the American people even if Congress voted against authorizing the use of military force in Syria. This is unconstitutional. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress – not the president – the power to declare war.

We cannot improve a situation with chemical weapons by attacking with kinetic weapons. Contributing to the Syrian death count will not make anything better.

The civil war in Syria is not America’s fight and not an immediate threat to America’s security. Why should American taxpayers be forced to pay for the United States to act?

In two short days, I received 126 calls opposing military engagement in Syria and only one call in favor. Other members of Congress across the country have received the same feedback. The president and Congress should listen to the overwhelming contingent of American citizens that oppose U.S. military involvement in Syria.

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Garrison) represents Kentucky’s 4th congressional district. The original Cincinnati Enquirer/Kentucky Enquirer OpEd can be viewed here.

Jaw-Dropper of the Day (Update: Susan Rice Gets to Make the Case)

Link (Delayed HT: frequent commenter dscott):

Congress Members Who Have Seen Classified Evidence About Syria Say It Fails to Prove Anything
Classified Syria Intelligence Fails to Prove Assad Used Chemical Weapons

The administration’s public case for chemical weapons use by the Syrian government is extremely weak, and former high-level intelligence officers say that publicly-available information proves that the Syrian government likely did not carry out the chemical weapons attacks.


… the Daily Caller reports:

The Obama administration has selectively used intelligence to justify military strikes on Syria, former military officers with access to the original intelligence reports say, in a manner that goes far beyond what critics charged the Bush administration of doing in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq war.

The once “unthinkable” (except by a very few of us who have thought this for at least five years) — that, in Instapundit’s words, Obama might be “Wrecking our foreign policy on purpose” — now has to be considered plausible. Norman Podhoretz at the Wall Street Journal certainly believes that it is:

Obama’s Successful Foreign Failure
The president may look incompetent on Syria. But his behavior fits his strategy to weaken America abroad.

My take last week (BizzyBlog mirror) on why Obama decided to go to Congress for an unnecessary authorization vote fits that template.


UPDATE: Also consistent

How Not to Win Over Congress
Sending Susan Rice, on the Benghazi anniversary, to argue for Syria is one of many missteps.

So the person who serially lied about the relevance of a previously virtually unknown anti-Muslim film as what caused the Benghazi terrorist attack is now the face of the administration before Congress.

If Obama really cared about winning over Congress, he’d send someone else. Instead, in-your-face defiance and one-upping his perceived enemies is more important.

Point of the Day: At Heritage

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From its “Morning Bell” blog (“10 Ways Obamacare Isn’t Working”):

In the end, Nancy Pelosi was wrong. Congress passed the bill, but we still don’t know what’s in it—because the Obama Administration keeps changing rules and ignoring the law. That’s why Congress should use its power of the purse and stop a single dime from being spent on this unworkable, unfair, and unpopular measure.

For at least the 10 reasons cited at the post, Obamacare is working out to be an exercise in tyranny (“arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority”).

That’s why it must be defunded.

Politico Pair Puzzled How GOP, ‘Party of Hawks,’ Has Gone ‘Dovish’ on Syria

No website outdoes the Politico when it comes to looking at the world through Beltway-stereotyping glasses. A post this morning on Republican congressmen and senators’ views towards attacking Syria exemplifies that outlook.

Apparently, in the fevered minds of Alex Isenstadt and James Hohmann, a GOP lawmaker learning about any idea to intervene militarily automatically salivates at the prospect and shuts down all critical thinking processes. The Politico pair are puzzled at how so many of them can possibly be opposed to President Obama’s proposed Syria intervention. It’s really not that hard, guys, if you abandon your stereotypes and do some thinking yourselves for a change. Excerpts follow the jump (bolds are mine):


2013 We the People Convention Announced

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From an email received last night (bold is mine; link added by me):

I am pleased to announce that the event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, at 350 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43215 on Saturday, September 28, 2013 in the second floor Union Ball Room. It is a first class facility and we thank the staff at the Hyatt for working with us to make it happen.

… The facility only seats 540. That is much smaller than we wanted. Since we have sold over 1,000 tickets at each of the past two conventions, at much higher prices, you can see that this event is going to sell out fast at only $37.50 per person. I strongly suggest that you order your tickets while you still can by clicking here.

It is going to be an excellent event with all the topics critical to Conservatives in Ohio being discussed. I can assure you that the Article V Convention discussion is going to be very intense and engaging to say the least. We have the best people we know of in the state to cover all the remaining topics. Medicaid Expansion, CommonCore, Voter Photo ID, Agenda 21, Immigration reform. The closing 2014 Election Preview will also be very interesting as all the issues that may be on the ballot are discussed in detail and the entire primary and general election broken down.

Please LIKE us on FACEBOOK. …

We sincerely hope that you can join us and bring someone with you who has not been able to attend previous conventions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or write.

Best Regards,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

The event’s web site has been updated, and the presentation schedule slots are almost all filled.

Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (090913)

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Rules are here. Possible comment fodder follows. Other topics are also fair game.


Positivity: Pope Pledges to Baptize Mother’s Baby After She Rejects Abortion

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From Life News:

A mother who decided to reject her boyfriend’s request for her to get an abortion received a surprise call from Pope Francis — who told her he would be glad to baptize her baby.

Anna Romano became pregnant after having a relationship with a married man, who told her he would not help her raise the baby and pressured her to have an abortion. Not wanting to compound one mistake with another, Romano refused and will give birth. In a desperate plea for help, she wrote to Pope Francis for advice.

In a new personal outreach to Catholics across the globe, Pope Francis picked up the phone and called Romano.

“On the phone I was stunned” she says. “I listened to his words: he had read my letter, he reassured me that the baby was a gift from God, a sign of Providence. He told me that I would never be left alone.”

“He filled my heart with joy when he told me that I was very brave and strong for my child,” says Anna. “When I told him that I intended to baptize but I was afraid that is not possible because I am a single mother, already divorced, he reassured me, saying: “I am convinced that you will not have trouble finding a spiritual father, but if not, know that there is always me.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.