September 28, 2013

Brent Bozell on ‘The Gay Passion Play’

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Bozell’s most recent column, carried at NewsBusters, reminds us that the Matthew Shepard story is a myth which apparently cannot be disturbed by the truth:

Jimenez argues after years of research and interviews that Shepard and his killers Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were deeply involved in drugs. Not only that, they may not be straight men. McKinney presented himself as a “straight hustler” turning tricks for money or drugs, but others say he’s bisexual. A former lover of Shepard’s claims Shepard and McKinney had sex while doing drugs in the back of a limo. As Hicklin recounted, “A manager of a gay bar in Denver recalls seeing photos of McKinney and Henderson in the papers and recognizing them as patrons of his bar. He recounts his shock at realizing ‘these guys who killed that kid came from inside our own community.’”

The media don’t have to accept this theory whole. But after the countless stories claiming Shepard was a victim of an anti-gay hate crime, shouldn’t they cover it? But it shouldn’t be surprising that the liberal media have completely ignored Jimenez. The Washington Post is the most duplicitious. The Post is so shameless that they wrote a big article on Ford staging “The Laramie Project” without making any effort to identify themselves as the “Official Media Partner” of this propaganda festival.

It is even worse than this. The Shepard gay hate crime victim story was exposed as false … almost ten years ago.

ABC’s “20/20″ took apart the legend in 2004. Elizabeth Vargas told Bill O’Reilly that the prosecutor in the Shepard case never believed it was a hate crime. Instead, it was about drugs …

The press, academia, and the entertainment industry are dishonestly perpetuating the Matthew Shepard myth for agenda-driven and cynical commercial reasons.

So many, if not most, of the left’s core historical assertions used to rationalize their beliefs and positions are similarly without basis or nearly so.

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