October 8, 2013

NewsBusted (100813)

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Here we go:

- Poverty Rate
- News Networks
- Obamacare
- Hillary Clinton
- Tea Party
- Ted Turner
- Democrat Politicians
- IPCC global warming
- Al Qaeda twitter

Best Lines:

  • “19 percent of healthcare professionals say they think Americans will die earlier because of Obamacare. That’s sad. They won’t even be able to spend all the money they’re borrowing from their grandkids.”
  • “The IRS can’t account for $67 million missing from an Obamacare slush fund. Hey, just tell them a Tea Party group has the money. Obama will have them get on it right away.”
  • “Speaking at woman’s conference, Ted Turner said that men should be banned from office for 100 years. Well, at least then Democrat politicians won’t be able to harrass women and still claim to be feminists.”

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