October 9, 2013

On CNN’s Crossfire, Bill Burton Celebrates How ‘More People Have Jobs’ During Obama Presidency; 81 Percent Are Part-Time

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On Tuesday’s Crossfire (HT commenter Gary Hall), liberal Democratic guest Bill Burton tried to impress the show’s hostesses and guest David Limbaugh when he said of President Obama: “More people have jobs than they did when he took office.”

Wow. That’s about the most unimpressive statement I’ve heard in years, and it would be beyond pathetic but for the performance of one state. Let’s look at the facts:

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (100913)

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Okay, they’ve punched us in the gut enough during the past two weeks. Now it’s time to make sure what they’ve been doing in this and other areas gets captured.


That includes the hoax continuation document known as the latest IPCC climate assessment, aka the latest justification for worldwide carbon tyranny. Item: “Top MIT scientist: Newest UN climate report is ‘hilariously’ flawed.” Well, it’s not really hilarious as long as our Punk President and his EPA use it to justify their war on coal and fossil fuel-based energy.

None of this would work if the academia-government-global warming complex didn’t have this: “Liberal media huddles to re-hype global warming.” Now some of them won’t publish comments or letters to the editor which call BS on their dogma.

Addendum: “Using ‘Sue and Settle’ to Thwart Oil and Gas Drillers”

Rebuttal: “Climate Study: Evidence Leans Against Human-Caused Global Warming”


Obamacare is so great, especially in Tennessee, that you can get a smartphone, i.e., an Obamaphone, for signing up.


Obamacare’s sign-up numbers for actual policies were so great on Monday that the adminsitration said it won’t tell us how many they have for a month.


Oct. 2Casey Mulligan: How ObamaCare Wrecks the Work Ethic
The health-care law, starting Jan. 1, will begin driving up marginal tax rates—well above 50% for many.

Uh, “someone” was on this on September 23.


Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs: “A Democrat Finally Uses the Word ‘Jihad” — on Republicans, of course.


Lesson in pushback: “No communion for Nancy Pelosi: Vatican court head.”


This goes back two weeks, but it’s worth noting for the lengths to which the government will go to get citizens under their thumbs: “The Obama administration on Tuesday defended its effort to regulate the tax return preparation business for the first time in U.S. history, basing its case largely on a 19th century law dealing with horses lost or killed in the Civil War.”


More coming Thursday morning.

Steve Chabot: ‘Maximizing the Pain’

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From Congressman Steve Chabot’s blog, in full:

President Obama is apparently determined to make the temporary government shutdown (which is really more of a slowdown) as painful for as many people as possible. Why? Because he seems convinced that those pesky Tea Party Republicans will get the blame and he’ll benefit politically.

How else can you explain the disgraceful spectacle of barring Honor Flight World War II veterans from the World War II Memorial? It had to cost more to barricade and try to keep the elderly veterans out, many in wheelchairs, rather than just let them visit the open-air memorial. If German machine guns and Japanese kamikazes couldn’t stop these American heroes, surely a few un-furloughed Obama park rangers weren’t going to keep them out. (They moved the barricades and toured THEIR memorial.)

Obama tried to close Mt. Vernon, the home of America’s first President, George Washington. But he found out that the federal government doesn’t own it; it’s privately owned by the Mt. Vernon Ladies Association. So Obama had his park rangers close off access to its parking lot, which is jointly owned with the federal government. One park ranger was so embarrassed by all this that he admitted “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

I’ll tell you what else is disgusting. The lengths to which the Obama Administration is willing to go to inflict pain on the American people. Here are a few more examples.

Not only did the feds shut down Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, but to inflict even more inconvenience and pain on the public, they placed barriers at overlooks to prevent visitors from even pulling their cars over and viewing the world famous monument from afar.

Thousands of Americans lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. Rows of white crosses and stars of David mark the final resting place of so many who made the ultimate sacrifice there nearly 70 years ago. This D-Day memorial in France has been closed by the Obama Administration, even though estimates are that it costs more to keep it closed than to let visitors in.

One of the things that brings a little bit of home to our troops overseas is the sports and entertainment programing of the American Forces Network. President Obama can still play golf, or watch the Washington Redskins on T.V. (even though he just announced this week that he thinks they should change their name), but he has shut off T.V. sports and entertainment for the troops overseas.

The Vietnam Memorial. Closed.

The Grand Canyon. Closed.

The St. Louis Arch. Closed.

Ford’s Theater. Closed. Even though Ford’s Theater is operated by a private non-profit, does not use any federal funding or federal employees in its performances, and was never closed during any of the other previous 17 government shutdowns over the past 37 years.

All this despite the fact that the House of Representatives has passed a bill to open all of the national parks and memorials. Harry Reid refuses to bring up the bill in the Senate. And President Obama condones, in fact encourages, Reid’s spiteful intransigence.

The House has also passed legislation to continue funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) so we can continue research on such important things as children’s cancer. The Senate again refuses to bring the bill up for a vote. When Harry Reid was asked by a reporter why the Senate wouldn’t fund NIH if it could help a child with cancer, his reply was “Why would we want to do that?” His callous response got very little coverage in the mainstream press. If a Republican had made such an insensitive remark (and I’d like to think one never would have) it would have received extensive and unending coverage.

The bottom line is, that even though a government shutdown will always inconvenience some Americans, it is shameful the lengths to which the Obama Administration has gone to cause pain. It has manufactured inconvenience. It has been petty, spiteful, and in some instances downright cruel. It needs to stop.

Yellen’s Fed Nomination

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Keynesianism’s failure obviously doesn’t matter, because, despite over $8 trillion of it in the past five years (well over $5 trillion in deficits and about $3 trillion in quantiative easing), we’re going to get more of it.

We are in soooooo much trouble.

Pope Francis rescued hundreds from Argentine military dictatorship, author says

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From Rome:

Oct 9, 2013 / 02:02 am

Italian journalist Nello Scavo has released a book entitled “Bergoglio’s List,” recounting the efforts of Pope Francis to help hundreds escape persecution by Argentina’s military dictatorship.

Scavo told CNA that his book was based on interviews with numerous eyewitnesses and on testimonies reconstructed after thorough research in Argentina.

“From all these stories emerges a list of persons saved by (then-Father) Bergoglio, which by conservative estimates includes more than 100 people.”

During much of the 1970s, Argentina was ruled by a right-wing military government, which “disappeared” thousands of left-wing activists and militants, accusing them of communism.

From 1976 to 1981, the country’s de facto president was General Jorge Rafael Videla, whose regime disappeared as many as 30,000 Argentines, and may have murdered as many as 15,000. Kidnappings, torture, and other violations of human rights were rampant.

During the Videla regime, numerous priests and religious were killed for their work in the poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, which was considered a communist act.

During this time, from 1973 to 1980, Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio – now Pope Francis – was the Jesuit provincial in Argentina.

Fr. Bergoglio used his position to create an underground network of assistance and escape for those targeted by Videla’s government. Scavo says the list of witnesses of Fr. Bergoglio’s efforts continues to grow, and new stories continue to surface about how he helped dozens through his network.

“The witnesses tell us that the driving force behind this network was Fr. Bergoglio,” Scavo explained.

Scavo recounts in “Bergoglio’s List,” published Oct. 1 in Italian, that the future Pope “knew that if he wanted to help these people, he had to cover his tracks.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.