October 14, 2013

Cory Booker: Made-up Friend, Made-up Residence

I’m starting to see why Cory Booker didn’t run against Chris Christie.

Christie would have crucified Booker for his years of stories about “T-Bone,” his imaginary friend

The T-Bone tale never sat right with Rutgers University history professor Clement Price, a Booker supporter who tells National Review Online he found the mayor’s story offensive because it “pandered to a stereotype of inner-city black men.” T-Bone, Price says, “is a southern-inflected name. You would expect to run into something or somebody named T-Bone in Memphis, not Newark.”

Price considers himself a mentor and friend to Booker and says Booker conceded to him in 2008 that T-Bone was a “composite” of several people he’d met while living in Newark. The professor describes a “tough conversation” in which he told Booker “that I disapproved of his inventing such a person.” “If you’re going to create a composite of a man along High Street,” he says he asked Booker, “why don’t you make it W. E. B. DuBois?” From Booker, he says, “There was no pushback. He agreed that was a mistake.”

(Further:) “The Newark Star-Ledger confirmed Booker’s confession.”

(Beyond bizarre:) “[T}he Booker campaign is still insisting – even though Booker confessed – that T-Bone is real.

… and his imaginary residence (HT Daily Caller):

Most of the establishment press has completely ignored these fabrications, which would be self-evident dealbreakers with any voter who isn’t a blind partisan.

If these fabrications had received the visibility they deserved — say, the equivalent of Booker’s overhyped participation in the bogus “Food Stamp Challenge — he wouldn’t still be favored to win election to the U.S. Senate tomorrow.

But he is. An upset victory by Republican Steve Lonegan would send a badly needed message to a country desperately in need of a dose of electoral sanity.


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