October 19, 2013

Latest PJ Media Column (‘The L.A. Times’ Fiscal Fantasies’) Is Up; David Lauter’s LA Times Item Requires Corrections

It’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Monday (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.

The column critiques a Times Politics Now blog post (HT to frequent NewsBusters commenter and tipster Gary Hall) by David Lauter (“Four facts about the national debt you may not know”), which claims that:

  • “The U.S. debt burden is starting to decline.”
  • “By that measure” (Lauter uses national debt held by the public compared to gross domestic product) “the debt grew rapidly during most of President George W. Bush’s tenure.”

The PJ Media column proves both statements to be false, and obviously so.

I have submitted a request for corrections to the LA Times’ Readers Representative through its online form, as seen below:


Those who wish to pile on can fill out the Times correction form here or contact the Readers’ Representative directly at readers.representative@latimes.com.


UPDATE, Oct. 20: Patterico has posted about the column, and also plans to demand a correction.



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