October 20, 2013

Abandoning All Pretense: Axelrod’s Tweet Appears to Foreshadow What MSNBC’s Move to ‘What Progressives Have Been Waiting For’ Will Be Like

Former Barack Obama campaign manager and current MSNBC senior political analyst David Axelrod today immaturely taunted those who disagree with him on Obamacare by tweeting the following question: “Isn’t it ironic that the most ardent opponents of the Affordable Care Act are now complaining that people can’t sign up fast enough?”

At first blush, it would appear that Axelrod’s tweet might be out of bounds even at MSNBC. Based on the splash which greets those who enter “msnbc.com” in their browser’s address bar, you would be wrong:


That’s right. MSNBC is moving to become “what progressives have been waiting for.” Oh joy.

Clicking on “Let’s go” leads one to the new site’s preview page, where the following 10 stories are featured:


Number 10 is a real howler. I guess everything the left doesn’t like is now a “War on Women.”

It seems reasonable to believe that what Axelrod has done is what we will being seeing in equal or more blatant form from others involved with the network shortly.

There have been some noteworthy responses to Axelrod’s juvenile tweet. Here are a few (HT Twitchy).

First and foremost, the indispenable Iowahawk has two gems:
- “No, irony is that its most ardent supporters demand waivers.”
- “No, irony is calling it ‘Affordable.’”

Dave Boccio: “Isn’t it ironic that law supposed to provide health insurance is causing people to lose theirs?”

Rick Wilson: “All the cutesy sarcasm in the world won’t polish your quarter-trillion $, Kafkaesque online turd into a diamond, hoss.”

Barbara McMahon: “it’s ironic you’re gloating over an #epicfail.”

It looks like David Axelrod will be right at home with the rest of the childish progs with no pretense at MSNBC.

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