November 14, 2013

Comparing NYT Positions on Obama’s False ‘You Can Keep Your Plan-Doctor-Provider’ Guarantee to Bush and WMDs

A commenter at my post yesterday (“TomsonaNonGrata”) about how a pair of New York Times reporters characterized President Barack Obama’s false guarantee to Americans that “If you like your plan-doctor-provider, you can keep your plan-doctor-provider” as an “incorrect promise” — because they couldn’t work up the nerve to call it a lie — noted that “All these people (in the press) that were so quick to call Bush a liar about WMD, when he was basing his decision on the intelligence available at the time, now can’t bring themselves to call Obama a liar, when he specifically knew policies could/would be cancelled, and kept saying otherwise.”

Point well-taken, especially given what the intrepid tweet trackers at Twitchy relayed from Washington Examiner columnist Charlie Spiering. Spiering fouund a Times editorial from 2008 which commented on the George W. Bush and weapons of mass destruction:


If it weren’t for double standards, the Times wouldn’t have any standards. Bush didn’t “withhold vital information from the public”; Barack Obama did.

Bush didn’t lead Americans “to believe things that he knows are not true”; Barack Obama did.

And for those who need a reminder, there objectively and irrefutably were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, directly contradicting the repeated leftist claim that there were none. Not “some,” not “a few,” not a lack of “stockpiles.” The left’s claim is that there were none. The left’s claim was, is, and always will be false.

We also shouldn’t forget that the Times’s editorialists wrote that Obama’s no-exceptions guarantee was an instance where he merely “misspoke.”

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  1. I feel comfortable stating that I have a moderated view though fiscally conservative. However, the media should take what ever insurance they have left and have a doctor check to see the whiplash to obtained in 2007/2008 didn’t completely destroy their spines.

    The ‘Democrat Messiah’ has wavered between ‘too much like Bush’ (a media insult that not only shows their partisanship but allows them to be insulting and garner favor with the left at the same time) and ‘perfect’ in the media since 2006. The media’s view of Bush fluctuated between the ‘Source of all evil’ and ‘Descent’.

    I did not support the arguments that led us to the Iraq war and I do not support the arguments that have led us to the brink of Socialized Medicine (Insurance is just a free-market way of spreading the risk and limiting reward). I do support our great nation and only wished I could be as fractionally proud of our representation in DC as I am of our representation via the armed forces.

    Comment by agnostic — November 14, 2013 @ 5:40 pm

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