November 18, 2013

High School Senior’s Testimony Devastates Common Core

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Thank you, Ethan Young (HT Free Patriot):

Money quotes (among many):

  • “… the specific (Common Core) standards were never voted upon by Congress, the Department of Education, state or local governments. Yet the implementation, was approved by 49 states and territories. The President essentially bribed states into implementation via Race To the Top, offering $4.35 billion to participating states.”
  • “Somewhere our Founding Fathers are turning in their graves, turning and screaming and trying to say to us is that we teach to FREE MINDS….we teach to inspire, we teach to equip. The careers will come naturally.”


What is the point of slotting kids for today’s jobs, when many if not most of those jobs will either be radically different or replaced by other jobs we haven’t even heard of yet by the time they enter the workforce?



  1. How does Ethan propose to evaluate a teacher’s performance? What this video conveyed was an opposition to the measurement of results which is echoing the NEA’s complaint. A teacher has to be evaluated on their results of getting the class to learn the material, otherwise we are stuck with deadwood and empty little minds. It should be clear that while you can’t directly measure the teacher’s ability to engage the students to learn since the method should be unique to the assembled group, you can indirectly measure the teacher’s ability by testing the students on the material.

    On the other hand, Common Core has some real problems with content of material they want to teach which is why every Conservative should oppose this formalized liberal indoctrination curriculum. I also take issue with this euphemism of “free minds”, this is generally liberal code for the indoctrinated. An education that does not give the individual the common basis of understanding to communicate and function in the modern world isolates them from society like a ghetto. Free minds should be reading the classics after they have attained a proficient level of reading and understanding. When we say the “classics” we are not talking about Das Kapital, Mein Kampf or Dreams of My Father.

    I believe education in this country fails because those who assign children to the classrooms do so without any thought to the characteristics of the students themselves. Boys and girls learn differently, children of different ages learn differently, children even of the same age group are at different in their maturity and focus and children from single parent situations have been raised differently than that of 2 parent families. None of these crucial differences are considered when assigning students to a teacher and as a result, whatever method a teacher uses will fail certain children all the while being perfectly successful for the rest. This is why home schooled and private schooled children are generally more well educated than those in public schools. In pre-1960s schools the plague of single parenthood wasn’t even a consideration and so educators could simply randomly assign seats in a classroom expecting a high percentage to graduate.

    The 50% drop out rates for Chicago and other large blue areas of the country have a primary vector – single parenthood. The school system as viewed by these parents is not for education, but daycare. Any teacher that does not recognize that problem will never be successful in getting children to learn as the children are merely reflecting the attitudes they have been brought up. The teachers need to accept that the default position from the view of the children and single parents is that they are not there to learn but to pass the time and socialize as in 12 years of Kindergarten. In their world, one does not need to attain a 12th grade education level to live as a failure. In their world, just getting by is success, we on the other hand would define this as failure. Once recognizing the default position, they then can purposefully challenge with the concept, “while you are here doing nothing this might be something you can really use in life to get out of this hole.” The challenge for teachers is to get the kids to recognize they are in a hole and that there is so much more out there than their pointless, hopeless, unenlightened lives have currently been experienced. I have seen this attitude first hand in extended family members and they are going nowhere but Food Stamps and other forms of public assistance. They don’t view this result as a failure, they view it as success and that’s where the NEA and education establishment have missed the boat.

    Comment by dscott — November 18, 2013 @ 9:00 am

  2. #1, I get your point, but I think the larger point is that you need to have a testing regime that isn’t an annual grind. IOW, you DO have a pass a rigorous test to get out of maybe 4th grade, grade school, and high school and perhaps halfway through HS. No excuses, and you’re stuck until you pass.

    My understanding is that Common Core goes much further with testing to an out of control level and that it forces “teach to the test” to a level previously unseen.

    UPDATE: The real “testing” should be the demanding ones the teacher gives throughout the school year.

    Comment by Tom — November 18, 2013 @ 9:23 am

  3. A brown-skinned suburban mom responds to Common Core bigot Arne Duncan

    It seems the real reason behind Common Core is the billions it makes for the testing organization. As always, follow the money! Liberal Academia loves to line its pockets, ala over priced university tuition supporting $400k annual salaries. It seems to be a theme with liberals, self righteously propose a program that coincidentally lines the pockets of some donor or so called benefactor. Like Al Gore and Global Warming. A Biblical theme in fact told by Jesus, the Pharisees publicly proclaiming their righteousness and then evicting widows from their homes. Liberalism is merely the expression of greed under the cloak of faux self made religion.

    Comment by dscott — November 19, 2013 @ 9:17 am

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