November 18, 2013

Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (111813)

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At Education Freedom Ohio: Hey Arnie Duncan!

Education Secretary Arne Duncan, ladies and gentlemen, declared yesterday that the main opposition to Common Core came from “wealthy, white suburban moms” upset to find out that their kids weren’t brilliant, lol. Really, dude?

… Yet another progressive racist, with whom Ohio Republicans Batchelder, Stebelton, Brenner, Lou Terhar, Debe Terhar, Colleen Grady, Bill Coley, Peter Stautberg, Peggy Lehner, Nan Baker, Jon Husted, and of course, along with many others,  “Governor Me, My$elf and I,” align.



Ron Fournier at National Journal: Incompetence, deception, and lack of accountability doomed the Obamacare rollout. That’s old news. What’s new? The nagging durability of the White House’s incompetence, deception, and lack of accountability.


Walter Russell Mead (“The Most Shocking Obamacare Revelation”): “So far we are only looking at the fallout as Obamacare-mandated changes hit the relatively small individual insurance market. Coming soon to a cable news outlet near you: the tsunami of outrage when Americans in employer-sponsored programs discover that the President wasn’t telling the truth about their plans and their doctors either.” Actually, you have to be not paying much attention at all to not see this coming already.

Related: “Conservative groups warn of new wave of insurance cancellations”


2009 Flashback: Obama flack slams ‘disinformation’ about insurance losses”


Pethokoukis: “Why Larry Summers fears the New Normal is permanent — and why it doesn’t have to be.” The elites want the New Normal to stay that way because it enhances and protects their power and position.


Lisa Myers at NBC: “Several insurance industry officials and state insurance commissioners expressed frustration Friday, saying they were “baffled” by President Barack Obama’s assertion that the cancellation of millions of insurance policies occurred because a key provision of the Affordable Care Act didn’t work as expected. The administration was warned three years ago that regulations would have exactly that effect, they said.”


What do you say to this (HT Twitchy) that hasn’t been said about Barack Obama’s inexperience? —

Gloria Borger: Obama’s “No Drama” Credo Led to the ACA Website Disaster
The president should have established a “zone of immunity” for truth-tellers who could deliver the bad news


Good: “Pelosi: Of course I stand by my ‘we have to pass it so you can find out what’s in it’ remark”



  1. The hollowing out of the middle class:

    In many states, the recovery is making the income gap worse

    It’s all in the chart, ObamaCare is bifurcating the workers into haves and have nots via part time jobs expanding at the expense of full time jobs. That would be an I told you so. Note the income levels taking the hit, precisely those who “used to” have a full time job. This is not merely a reflection of manufacturing jobs disappearing or the overly simplistic it’s the Great Recession’s fault, but full time jobs disappearing as previously indicated by the median family income dropping. Liberals are loathe to admit that ObamaCare is a disaster and notice the very short blurb on North Dakota where income inequality DECREASED. Contrasted with California’s INCREASING inequality with no explanation given. Yet another policy failure liberals won’t admit to in killing drilling on Federal lands where the government could have reaped billions in tax revenue and thousands of full time jobs nationally.

    You know it’s a snow job when liberals who are normally quick to assign blame and a bureaucratic solution all of a sudden don’t point out where the causes are. This is liberal telegraphing via bleating to their high command that we MUST DO SOMETHING, anything even if it is the wrong thing.

    But I do want to point out one interesting thing about this graphic, more people moved into the top 3 tiers (>$100k) than into the bottom 4 ($100k tier with the small left over going to <$35k. Inflation and stocks could account for this. Successful people tend to rise regardless because they are employing strategies that inoculate them in this kind of economic climate.

    This is not unlike the Great Depression where those who have a job are fairly well off economically, and those with no job are crowding the bottom. The reason they have a job is because they have a skill set that is in demand unlike the millions of small farmers displaced from the Dust Bowl whose skill set didn't match near anything needed outside their insular world of the farm. In our current era, without a technical skill set specific to the industry looking to hire, you have just a part time semi-skilled job in retail and restaurants for those who only have a high school education or drop outs. Go to a Community College, get a skill set and start moving up the income ladder.

    And then there are States like ND which highlight the need for labor mobility to take advantage of the great unemployment stats that virtually guarantee a job in just about any skill set.

    10 Metro areas under 4% unemployment:

    If I can move 900 miles to get a job in my skill set, and illegal aliens can travel thousands of miles to get a low wage job then surely the rest of you can pack your bags as well. It doesn't solve everyone's problem but it does solve a significant number unless your into the "all or nothing" fallacy of liberalism's cookie cutter approach. It also ignores a crucial spin-off effect that one job begets another supporting job, that ratio is not one to one but maybe on the order of 5 to 1. On the flip side when one state starts losing jobs, it is compounded by spin-off jobs disappearing as well. California metro areas as usual crowd the bottom of the chart. Gee, I wonder why?

    Comment by dscott — November 18, 2013 @ 10:17 am

  2. I’d say this ties into my work showing that Columbus, OH is prospering while most of the rest of the state isn’t.

    Comment by Tom — November 18, 2013 @ 1:06 pm

  3. I see stories at other sites that have Dems saying Obama may not have the authority to allow people to keep their policies. I believe this to be a bogus issue for political purposes. IF Obama’s Secretary of HHS, Sebilius can write the regs 3 months after the passage of ObamaCare to insure virtually all plans fail to be grandfathered as was intended under the Law, then clearly Obama has the authority to order Sebilius to cross out those regs and tell the Insurance companies it is ok to allow renewal of any pre-existing plan 2013 and prior.

    I suspect Dems are setting the stage for the full repeal of ObamaCare by claiming Obama himself doesn’t have the authority to change the Law and the Law being so intricately put together becomes unworkable with such a change (that part being true) that it is impractical to modify it but start all over. This way they get to throw Obama under the bus, claim they are the public saviors and save themselves. You see how Bill Clinton twisted the knife? IF Obama can’t keep his promise because everthing is set in stone then clearly the Law has to be repealed.

    Comment by dscott — November 18, 2013 @ 3:23 pm

  4. Feel good story of the day:

    Anti-pipeline protesters gather in Calgary to decry climate change

    The protest was held as world leaders in Poland for the United Nations Climate Change Conference discuss plans for international co-operation on the issue.

    Protestors in Calgary said the Harper government is refusing to take meaningful action when it comes to climate change.

    Originally about 300 people were slated to participate in the Calgary protest, but due to a snow storm only about 50 showed up.

    The Gore Effect strikes again…

    Comment by dscott — November 18, 2013 @ 4:06 pm

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