November 30, 2013

NewsBusted (113013)

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A bit late, but here we go:

– Thanksgiving
– Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
– Obamacare
– The Obamas
– John Kerry
– Iran Nuclear Deal
– Harry Reid Nuclear Option
– Congressman Trey Radel
– Alec Baldwin Cancelled
– Blockbuster Video

Best Lines (among many):

  • “We just got word that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade will not feature an Obamacare balloon. Apparently, it just won’t fly.”
  • “The nuclear option invoked by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will make it easier for the party in power to appoint any judges they want. So Democrats, we hope you enjoy it when President Ted Cruz appoints new federal judge Sarah Palin.”
  • “Blockbuster Video has announced that it will close all of its remaining stores. The announcement was made on MySpace by a guy wearing a Members Only jacket.”

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