December 11, 2013

Imagine That: As Obama Denies Its Importance, AP’s Ohlemacher Identifies ‘The (IRS) Tea Party Scandal’

Well, it’s not perfect, but it’s a start — and it’s certainly a far cry from what President Obama is now willing to admit.

In his report Tuesday on the congressional hearing for John Koskinen, Obama’s nominee to be the next IRS Commissioner, Stephen Ohlemacher of the Associated Press wrote that Koskinen “told senators Tuesday he will work to restore public trust in the agency in the wake of the tea party scandal even as the IRS takes on new responsibilities administering the president’s health care law.” That’s a remarkable admission, given that the word “scandal” does not appear in Koskinen’s prepared remarks, and of course given that Obama’s current opinion of what is better described as the “IRS conservative targeting scandal” is that it isn’t one (“they’ve got a list, and suddenly everybody’s outraged”). As nice as it is that he used the “S-word,” Ohlemacher’s dispatch still contained serious oversights, including his failure to cite the change in Obama’s public stance since May and his contention that no one outside the IRS knew of its targeting efforts until then.


NewsBusted (121113)

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Here we go:

– Nelson Mandela Funeral
– Presidents Obama and Bush
– Pearl Harbor Day
– Fast Food Workers
– Drones
– The Sound of Music and Carrie Underwood
– Piers Morgan
– Chris Matthews
– Wind Farms and Bald Eagles
– Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle

Best Line: “President Obama invited Former President Bush to travel with him on Air Force One to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral. To no one’s surprise, Obama spent the entire 16-hour flight blaming Bush for Mandela’s death.”

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (121113)

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This open thread will stay at or near the top today. Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow. Other topics are also fair game.

Positivity: Pope Francis’s life ‘was saved by a nun’

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In the December 8 UK Telegraph:

Pope Francis revealed his debt to a nun who saved his life by increasing his medication when he suffered from a lung condition at the age of 21

In a new book, I Fioretti di Papa Francesco, (The Little Flowers of Pope Francis), Andrea Tornielli, a veteran Vatican journalist, the pontiff speaks of his gratitude to the nuns who worked in the hospital where he was ill as a young man.

“I am alive thanks to one of them,” Pope Francis said. “When I had lung problems in the hospital, the doctor gave me penicillin and antibiotics in small doses.

“The nun who was on the ward tripled that because she had an intuition, she knew what to do, because she was with the ill all day long,” the pope said.

“The doctor, who was very good, spent his time in a laboratory, but the nun was living on the front line and talking with those on the front line every day.”

… Francis reportedly had three cysts on his lung before part of it was removed and fresh concerns were raised about the health of the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio when the 76-year-old was elected in March this year.

At the time, Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman. “This is not a handicap in his life. Those who know him have always seen him in good health.” Pope Francis is due to celebrate his 77th birthday next week and the book’s author, Andrea Tornielli, said on Sunday that the pope was currently in very good health.

“His health is good and he shows great stamina,” Mr Tornielli told The Telegraph.

“ He works many hours a day and spends many hours a week greeting people in St Peter’s Square in the freezing cold.”

Mr Tornielli also revealed how Pope Francis’ made a personal telephone call to a cleaning woman employed at Buenos Aires’ airport who sought his support for her drug-addicted son.

After receiving her message which she had written on a table napkin and passed to one of his colleagues at the airport, the pope telephoned the woman and her son and told them he would pray for them. …

Go here for the rest of the story.