January 4, 2014

Jesse Myerson, Occupy ‘Leader’ Turned Far-Left Rolling Stone ‘Journalist,’ Explains It All

It’s hard to know what’s more ridiculously entertaining when choosing between Jesse A. Myerson’s “Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For,” the illogical screed in Rolling Stone which would lead to the enslavement of those about whom he claims to be concerned, or Myerson’s tweets as the opprobrium has poured in.

Since Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters has handled Myerson’s original work, I’ll have fun with the tweets. And it will be a pleasure to turn around Saul Alinsky’s Fifth Rule for Radicals (“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon”).

First, let’s make sure before they consider changing their minds that Rolling Stone is completely behind what Myerson wrote:


Now let’s look at a bit of what Myerson is all about.

In October 2011, Myerson was described as “a white progressive who organized” the Occupy movement, and a cynical “diversity” manipulator (bolds are mine):

The protester invited to the Sept. 30 meeting (with a New York City union local) was Jesse Myerson, a white male who describes himself as an “independent journalist and activist.”

In an email to the other organizers, he asked for a second organizer to accompany him to the meeting, but he specifically barred white activists.

“I am meeting the 1199 executive council tomorrow to try and convince them to come out for us. It’s in midtown and I *need* someone to be with me, and that person needs not to be white,” he wrote in a Sept. 29 evening email. “This will mean the difference, I bet,” said Myerson.

Myerson’s request for a non-white companion reflects the progressive movement’s desire to showcase non-white supporters, and to comply with the ideology of diversity.

“Occupy Wall Street is officially committed to the right of marginalized voices to be heard,” Myerson wrote … “It won’t do for us to be complicit in the tendency that arises to put straight, white males in the spotlight, especially when addressing 1199/SEIU, which has historically been one of the most valiant organizations in the country in championing the interests of the American underclass.”

… Myerson quickly accepted an offer from someone named Mae. She described herself as “Puerto Rican, a single mom, and gen x, so I fit into a lot of ‘unexpected’ boxes for the OWS movement if you need to pimp out any of that.” Mea’s e-mail name is ‘grimwomyn.’

The next day, Myerson announced the organizers got the union’s support. “Today, 1199, the largest local union in the country, voted unanimously to support us … The 1199 press team is working with us on media roll-out and agreed that I should break the story tomorrow on ‘Up with Chris Hayes’ on MSNBC (big platform, very pro-labor host, &c.) — tune in and then let’s play this up big,” he said.

“This support is going to be amazing: 1 week’s worth of food, [nurses] to train our medical team, the formulation and development of a committee to liaise with us, continued support as conditions change, mobilization on actions, a motion to the Central Labor Council to recruit other labor support — the works!”

Here are some of Myerson’s tweets in the wake of his Rolling Stone writeup.

I don’t want the 1% *dead* just *dispossessed*. Tell you what, each family can keep one mansion and one luxury car, but the rest is forfeit.

What a guy. Who gets what’s taken, pal, and how do you ensure that it’s “fairly” distributed? (History tells us that the government apparatchiks figure out how to get their hands of most of it.)

Money doesn’t come from “the money tree.” It’s way easier to produce money than fruit. You literally just enter numbers into a spreadsheet.

Thanks, Jess. I just solved all of my money problems by putting dollar signs in front of my cell entries in Microsoft Excel. Just look at all that money!

The only reason landlords “own” land they “purchased” is that big government recognizes the ownership & purchase, backs both up with guns.

The only reason Jesse “owns” the computer he presumably “purchased” is that big government backs both up with guns. Lucky him, because a lot of people would like to have his computer, and if it weren’t for government, anyone stronger or more clever than him could extricate it from him.

One reason we need communists is to advocate communism and make the liberal proposals I wrote about yesterday look as moderate as they are.

According to Rolling Stone’s Reader Profile, almost 30 percent of its readers have household income of $100,000 or more. I wonder how “moderate” the idea (#4) of “Make Everything Owned by Everybody” would seem to them?

On the recommendation of the wise @juliacarriew, I hereby issue my official apology for murdering 100 million people in the 20th century.

100M dead is horrific. That’s what DARA predicts climate collapse will kill 2012-30 alone.

You just knew that a guy like this would fall for the global warming hoax while pretending that the ideas similar to the ones he put forth aren’t responsible for the deaths of over 100 million innocents.

What a leftist tool, and what a fool.

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