January 7, 2014

I Wasn’t Looking For This Either …

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… but these things have a way of finding me.

A Conservative Intel email asked, “Which governors have reduced the number of state employees in their bureaucracies? You might be surprised at the answers.”

Since I have heard so much from the Kasich administration about how they have reduced state bureaucracy, I figured that this would be a good-news gimme, or at least a respite from the weak and bad news barrage on the employment and unemployment fronts yours truly has been dishing out going back at least to last spring.

So I clicked through.

Boy, was I wrong:


The other chart at the Conservative Intel post tells us that Democratic strongholds California (one employee per 80.1 residents) and New York (one per 77.3) have lower state employment per capita than Ohio (one per 71.5). Ouch.


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