January 13, 2014

Chart of the Day: The Permanent Decline in Full-Time Employment

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From the interactive graphs at the St. Louis Fed — Full-Time Employees as a Percentage of the Civilian Noninstitutional Population (HT to a PJ Media commenter):


But Obamacare has noooooooothing to do with employers’ reluctance to hire full-time workers. (/sarc)

UPDATE: For those who want to explain away the graph above as being due to Baby Boomer retirements, here’s a somewhat related graph for ages 25-54:


The drop from 80% to 76% in this group represents a 20% increase (to 24% from 20%) in the cadre of people in their prime working years … who aren’t working — and that’s before breaking out part-timers from full-timers (data which I don’t think is as readily available).


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