January 21, 2014

Bonus Positivity: Imminent Shutdown of Sharonville Abortion Clinic (Update: Stayed — For Now)

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UPDATE, FEB. 1: At Life News — “Hamilton County Judge Jerome Metz has stayed an order issued by the Ohio Department of Health to close a late-term abortion clinic in Sharonville, Ohio, operated by Martin Haskell.” Closure is at least several months away.


From Ohio Right to Life:

Ohio Department of Health Shuts Down Sharonville Abortion Clinic
Notorious Abortionist Martin Haskell is Out of Business in Hamilton County

CONTACT: Mike Gonidakis
DATE: Thursday, January 21, 2014

Columbus, Ohio — Today, the Ohio Department of Health affirmed its order to shut down abortionist Martin Haskell’s Sharonville clinic, the Lebanon Road Surgery Center, for failure to meet Ohio medical standards. Specifically, Haskell’s clinic operated without a transfer agreement with any area hospital and was unable to identify any doctors within the region that wanted assist his abortion business. Haskell’s abortion clinic must cease all operations and close it’s doors on or before February 4, 2014.

“We want to thank the Health Department for enforcing Ohio law and refusing to allow the abortion industry to escape complying with health and safety standards,” said Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life. “Women’s health is priority number one and today’s actions by the Kasich administration should serve as a wake-up call that Ohio will no longer turn a blind eye towards unhealthy medical practices.”

According to Ohio law, Lebanon Road Surgery Center exists as an Ambulatory Surgical Facility and because of this legal status, the clinic is not a full-service medical facility. To operate legally, Lebanon Road Surgery Center must have a transfer agreement with a full-service private hospital to handle all cases of abortion complications against the mother. In the case that an abortion facility is unable to acquire a transfer agreement, it can apply for a variance (exception). Lebanon Road Surgery Center failed to obtain either.

Late-term abortionist, Martin Haskell, who owns Lebanon Road Surgery Center, has performed abortions for more than 30 years. He is notorious for his advocacy of partial-birth abortion and is credited for popularizing the now banned and illegal procedure. With the closing of Haskell’s clinic, only one abortion facility remains open inside the county with the third highest rate for abortion deaths in Ohio.

To view the adjudication order click here.

I wasn’t able to tell from a brief review of the documents, but when Haskell opened up in Hamilton County, he put his abortion chamber “50 feet from (the) front door (of) a group practice treating children for 31 years.”

Special thanks to then-Sharonville Mayor and Sharonville Board of Health President Virgil Lovitt, whose investigation into the facility got the ball rolling to banish this butcher.


UPDATE: From Operation Rescue (link is in original) —

Operation Rescue had recently documented four medical emergencies at Haskell’s two Ohio abortion clinics, raising serious concerns for patient safety. Haskell’s Dayton clinic continues to operate under a variance, which now must be called into question as well.

“Patients were endangered by Haskell’s slick attempts to avoid compliance with the law and we are pleased that his Sharonville abortion clinic must soon close in order to protect women from further harm,” said Newman. “We thank all the pro-life groups, especially Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, for their diligent work that made this closure decision possible.”

UPDATE 2: Cincinnati Right to Life’s press release is here.


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