January 21, 2014

Latest PJ Media Column (‘Don’t Feed Us This Mitt Again’) Is Up

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It’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Thursday morning (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.


I submitted my column before Byron York’s damning column was published:

In new film, a dramatic look at Mitt Romney’s loss of confidence

… for viewers who follow politics closely, especially for Republicans who desperately wanted to defeat Barack Obama, there is a revelation in “Mitt” that is not just unexpected but deeply disheartening. At a critical moment in the campaign — the two weeks in October encompassing the first and second general election debates — the Romney portrayed in “Mitt” struggled with a nagging pessimism and defeatism, unable to draw confidence even from a decisive initial debate victory over President Obama. Deep down inside, the Romney seen onscreen in “Mitt” seems almost resigned to losing to Obama in those crucial showdowns.

… Then came the (first) debate. Romney gave a dominating, near-perfect performance, while Obama struggled. The president didn’t even hit Romney on “47 percent.” It was a smashing victory, a big, big win for Romney.

Such a clear-cut triumph would seem a huge confidence-builder, but afterward, Romney seemed mostly concerned that Obama would come back and beat him badly the next time. “Sitting presidents have a very hard time in these debates,” Romney told the family. “They feel like, who is this whippersnapper coming up here who knows nothing? And so they don’t prepare, and they just think they can waltz through it. Then they get crushed in the first debate, and then they come back.”

“He’ll be better next time,” Ann said, as always trying to build her husband’s confidence. “But you can be better next time, too.”

Romney wasn’t buying it.

One would hope (but this is the Republican Party, so you should never rule it out) that any potential supporters Mitt Romney might have had for a 2016 run won’t get behind a guy who couldn’t convince himself that he’s good enough to win, even when he had victory within his grasp.

And the idea that Barack Obama is a good at anything away from his teleprompter is beyond hysterical.


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UPDATE: Michael Walsh at PJ Media

Andy McCarthy, Roger Simon, Victor, Roger Kimball, Dr. Helen, J. Christian Adams — all wrong. And these are not stupid people; neither is Michael Barone, who also fell on his face.

But we have an excuse — we were had. By the GOP nominee, Willard “Mitt” Romney … who never should have run because, deep down, he knew he wouldn’t win.


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