January 22, 2014

The Day It Became Legal Nationwide to Kill Pre-Born Babies (UPDATE: Brit Hume’s Commentary)

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CBS Evening News, Jan. 22, 1973:

It’s interesting to see the relatively dry (and relatively unbiased, compared to today) presentation.

Also note that the anonymous woman interviewed had her baby “adopted out.” That hardly seems like a tragedy — especially for the baby who lived instead of being murdered in the womb.

According to a statistic found here (though possibly suspect given the two named providers of the information), “almost half of American women (43 percent) will have an abortion sometime in their lifetime.”


UPDATE: Brit Hume’s tremendous commentary tonight (HT Hot Air) —

Unfortunately, I think Hume’s belief that scientific proof that a pre-born baby feels pain would be a game-changer is sadly naive. Most of those determined to kill won’t let that stop them.

Mark Garbett Update

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Frequent readers here may recall that pioneering Weapons of Mass Discussion co-blogger Mark Garbett has been hospitalized with serious injuries and challenges since a Christmas auto accident.

Matt Hurley has a comprehensive rundown at Weapons of Mass Discussion.

Here’s today’s entry, passed on from a Facebook message from Mark’s grandmother:

The trach is in – - HALLELUJAH!!!!! Everything seems to be going well at this point. The doctor was encouraging that things are going to be allright. He is already breathing on his own, but they will probably keep the ventilator hooked up to the trach a while longer. He will be able to talk after a while. It is just pure pleasure to see his mouth without those tubes in it. He is still very sleepy and I think that is good so he won’t be so aware of the pain. They have started the pain medicine, so hopefully, they will get ahead of most of the pain. The doctor thinks he will be able to swallow food in a short while. PRAISE GOD FOR ALL HE HAS DONE!!!

This is fantastic news, but there’s a long slog ahead. Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers.

Family Values Point of the Day

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From James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal’s Best of the Web:

As it turns out, for Wendy Davis marriage really was the answer to poverty.


Escalation: After Cuomo’s ‘No Place in New York’ Remarks, His Counsel Reminds the New York Post of Their ‘Responsibility’

On Friday, as I noted on Saturday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told public radio’s Susan Arbetter that “extreme conservatives” – that is, people who are pro-life, understand the clear meaning of the Second Amendment, or wish to keep marriage as it has traditionally been defined – “have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.” Note well that Cuomo’s remarks are still not news at the Associated Press’s national site.

On Sunday, Cuomo’s people sent and released an “open letter” containing a very inaccurate transcription of the original interview accusing the New York Post’s Aaron Short of being “entirely reckless with facts and the truth” in his report (“Gov. Cuomo to conservatives: Leave NY!”). As I demonstrated on Monday, the only reasonable interpretation of what Cuomo said is that Republican Party members who hold any one of the three positions noted in the previous paragraph “have no place in the state of New York.” In the past several days, the matter has escalated. The Post has continued to cover the story – that’s what newspapers are supposed to do – while, in an extraordinary move, the Counsel to the Governor has entered the fray with what can only be interpreted as threatening language.


Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (012214)

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This open thread will stay at or near the top today. Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow. Other topics are also fair game.


Michael Barone“Do we face a disastrous century due to global cooling?” It would appear that the chances of that are greater than the chances of significant global warming.


Daniel Hannan at the UK Telly“Proof at last: Eurocrats secretly admit that countries are better off out”


Bridget Johnson at PJ Media“Kerry Dismisses 98% Support for New Egypt Constitution as Just One Election and Not ‘Inclusive.’” The administration’s insistence on including the Muslim Brotherhood’s declared terrorists in an Egyptian government is getting really sickening.


The National Oceanic and Atmospoheric Administration has been caught (HT I Hate the Media) altering previously published temperature data.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics thinks the U.S. will lose about 550,000 manufacturing jobs by 2022. I’d be more worried if they didn’t also make the hilarious prediction that there will be over 400,000 fewer federal workers by that time.


If you can stand it, read this 12-page report on how utterly catastrophic the Chavez and Maduro regimes have been in Venezuela.

On, but it can’t happen here. (/sarc)


How can Joe Scarborough be worth $50,000 per speech?


Here’s a great graphic presentation on the growth of fracking and “unconventional” oil and gas.


Via PJ Media’s Roger Radosh, confirming pretty much what observant people knew all along – “New Evidence Emerges about Nelson Mandela and His Secret Communist Past”


More unilateral government“White House reportedly delays ObamaCare equal coverage provision.”

Positivity: Bishop Who Escaped Abortion After Doctors Said He’d Be a ‘Freak’ Will Lead March for Life

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From Catholic Vote via Life News, whose headline I used:

1/17/14 3:58 PM


This year, Benedictine College will be leading the March for Life in Washington, D.C., thanks to a mother who refused to abort a bishop.

My favorite argument against abortion is the George Bailey argument. Bailey is the character in It’s a Wonderful Life who gets a glimpse of what the world would be like if he never existed.

What George Baileys are we missing because of abortion? What kind of world would we have if they had lived?

One near miss: The Ravens Respect Life group leading the March for Life this year would have gotten aborted away, if one doctor had his way.

Benedictine College will lead the March for Life this year. Notre Dame led last year (above).

Bishop Andrew Cozzens of St. Paul-Minneapolis told me the story. I was interviewing him for my day-job at Benedictine College. In October, Pope Francis named him a bishop, making him the seventh “Raven Bishop” (Benedictine alum bishop) in the 21st century.

Growing up, he said, his mother would tell him, “God saved your life because he has a plan for you and your job is to find out what that plan is,” said the bishop. “That’s true of everyone but this story made that impressed on me in a deeper way.”

cozzensOne of the things that God created him to do was to cofound Ravens Respect Life at Benedictine College, apparently. “We were the first group to organize trips to the March for Life to Washington, D.C.,” said Bishop Cozzens. “We took a couple of buses back then.”

But he almost wasn’t there to start it.

“When my mom was 20 weeks pregnant with me, her water broke and she went immediately to the hospital,” he said. “She and my father spent a night in prayer that they would not lose the baby. The next morning, the doctor came in after running some tests.”

The doctor said, “I need to tell you that your child is severely deformed and I recommend that we induce labor” — in other words, end the child’s life prematurely.

Mrs. Cozzens said, “Absolutely not.”

The doctor answered, “You don’t get it — this child is a freak.”

“I don’t care what you say,” she answered. She was determined to keep her baby — and to get a new doctor.

A second doctor was sent and he said the baby would be fine, “If you’re willing to lie in bed for the rest of this pregnancy.” …

The parents were happy to do just that. But “How will we pay?” they asked. Insurance wouldn’t cover a months-long hospital stay.

The new doctor said not to worry. He had made a bet with the first doctor that she would deliver a healthy and normal child. If the baby was normal, Doctor 1 would pay for her $1,200 hospital stay. If not, Doctor 2 would pay.

Go here for the rest of the story.