January 28, 2014

After SOTU, CNN Contributor Reprises a Five Year-old Line: ‘A Speech by Barack Obama Is a Lot Like Sex’

I guess when you’ve run out of anything meaningful to say, you revert to your tired old one-liners, even when they are — or should be — embarrassing.

In early 2009, five days after President Obama’s first State of the Union speech, Alex Castellanos, who at the time was apparenty a “Republican strategist,” said the following on a CNN Sunday show: “I think, as a friend told me once, that — listening to Barack Obama give a speech is like sex. The worse there ever was, was excellent.” Tuesday night, as Politico’s Lucy McCalmont reports, Castellanos was at it again:


This Is Happening All Over the Country …

… yet the national press is only rarely reporting it these things (HT Hot Air):

I’m sure the pile of local stories like these is a mile high.

The family in the video pays $600 a month for health insurance that its mother describes as “worthless.”

Money quote from a mother whose daughter was hurt in a cheerleading accident and who found out that their longtime family doctor was not in their plan’s very limited network:

Obamacare is not working. There are a lot of issues and a lot people who probably have the same issues that we have. They just don’t know it yet, until they try to use it.

AP’s San Fran Pro-Life March Coverage Outshines Much Larger DC March

I paused a bit before putting this post up because the last thing an AP reporter needs is some guy on the right telling him he did a good job. I suspect that it’s not a resume enhancer.

That said, there are two reasons not to to ignore Terence Chea’s coverage of the Saturday’s Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco. The first is how it contrasts with Brett Zongker’s dismissive and incomplete coverage of the far larger DC March for Life the previous Wednesday. For starters, Chea appropriately described the San Francisco march as “massive”; Zongker’s story covering a much larger throng in the hundreds of thousands had no comparable adjective. Put the two stories side by side, and the average reader might believe that the West Coast march was larger. Equally as interesting, Chea’s accurate description of relatively minor legislative changes in abortion-related laws since Roe v. Wade make a mockery of the left’s “war on women” battle cry. I’ll compare the two stories after the jump.


Graphic of the Day

Requires no elaboration (HT Rhymes with Right):


And of course, the media darling is the phony.

NewsBusted (012814)

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Here we go:

– Grammy Awards
– Queen Latifah
– Madonna
– Chuck Schumer
– I.R.S.
– Wendy Davis
– Richard Sherman
– New York Times Magazine
– Hillary Clinton
– Jon Stewart
– John Boehner for President?

Best Line: “John Boehner told Jay Leno that he won’t run for President because he’d have to give up wine, golf, and cigarettes — to which President Obama responded, ‘Since when?’”

Bloomberg’s Stilwell Really Wants to Blame the Disastrous Dec. Durable Goods Report on the Weather

There was another appearance of the dreaded U-word (“unexpectedly”) this morning at Bloomberg News.

The Commerce Department’s advance report on December durable goods orders and shipments showed a seasonally adjusted 4.3 percent decrease in orders from November, while November was revised down from a positive 3.4 percent to 2.6 percent. Economists’ median prediction for December was for a 1.8 percent increase. Bloomberg’s Victoria Stilwell had an excuse at the ready, and as will be seen, chose to use it even though she knew it was a stretch (bolds are mine throughout this post):


Latest PJ Media Column (‘The Economic State of the Union Is Weak’) Is Up (Related: Dec.’s Disastrous Durable Goods)

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It’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Thursday morning (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.


Related: This morning’s durable goods report was a disaster, and, as usual, was “unexpectedly” so —

Advance Report on Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories and Orders December 2013

New orders for manufactured durable goods in December decreased $10.3 billion or 4.3 percent to $229.3 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today. This decrease, down two of the last three months, followed a 2.6 percent November increase. Excluding transportation, new orders decreased 1.6 percent. Excluding defense, new orders decreased 3.7 percent. Transportation equipment, also down two of the last three months, led the decrease, $7.7 billion or 9.5 percent to $73.1 billion. This was led by nondefense aircraft and parts, which decreased $3.8 billion.


Shipments of manufactured durable goods in December, down following four consecutive monthly increases, decreased $4.5 billion or 1.9 percent to $232.8 billion. This followed a 1.3 percent November increase. Transportation equipment, also down following four consecutive monthly increases, led the decrease, $4.1 billion or 5.7 percent to $68.3 billion.

Unfilled Orders

Unfilled orders for manufactured durable goods in December, up ten of the last eleven months, increased $3.9 billion or 0.4 percent to $1,061.5 billion. This was at the highest level since the series was first published on a NAICS basis in 1992, and followed a 0.9 percent November increase.

November’s 3.4 percent increase was revised down to 2.6 percent.

Bloomberg had a median prediction of +1.8 percent, and had the excuse generator at the ready: “The figures are difficult to square with other reports that showed factories were contributing to economic growth at the end of 2013 and into this year as companies geared up to meet more demand.”

They’re already blaming the weather — as if those who do these forecasts aren’t aware of it already. If they really didn’t consider the weather in their predictions, they’re incompetent. I’d prefer to believe that they got fooled by positive ISM survey numbers and a false sense of positive inertia.

Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (012814)

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This open thread will stay at or near the top today. Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow. Other topics are also fair game.


Unfortunately, not surprising“Kiddie Porn Does Not Count as ‘Moral Turpitude’ to S.F. Govt.”

Related: “Sacrificing Virgins to the Entertainment Gods.” Liberal pols and liberal moviemakers get free passes for what would land anyone else in jail.


Daily Caller“Obama admits his climate agenda won’t curb global warming”

That doesn’t matter. It’s about politicial power and control anyway.


I’m sure Common Core will fix this (/sarc) — “40% of Ohioans need remedial math or English in college”


Steve Deace assesses Ted Cruz.


Don’t forget this“The Vile Voice of Wendy Davis’ Supporters Ridiculing a Paraplegic”

Also, there’s this: “Documents Show A Texas Court Ordered Wendy Davis to Stay Away From Drugs and Alcohol.” Some have tried to pass this restraining order off as typical in a high-dollar divorce situation. I don’t think so, and the fact that even an Associated Press reporter would choose to mention it in his coverage when it was clear he was trying to help her pick up the pieces of her campaign would support that contention.


At Fox News (HT Weasel Zippers) — “Administration fears part of health care system so flawed it could bankrupt insurance companies.” Seven weeks or so from now, as the March 31 deadline approaches, will we find out that this was the goal?

Related: “Allen West makes the case that Obama intentionally trying to overload the welfare system”


The Washington Times notes that the NAACP stood behind Rev. William Barber II’s comment about South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, who is black being “a ventriloquist’s dummy,” saying in a statement: “Dr. King emphasized love and justice rather than extremism. Unless we stand for justice we cannot claim allegiance to or pay homage to Dr. King. In a state such as South Carolina, politicians, whether they be black or white, should not be echoing the position of the far right.”

There isn’t a chance in Hades that Dr. King, who was a Republican, would support what Barber said — and if the “Rev.” Barber doesn’t know that, he should resign from the clergy.


The more things change, the more they stay the same“Obama Blames Conservative Media, Limbaugh and Fox News For Failures…Again”


Pethokoukis“Why the much-hyped Oxfam study on global inequality is misleading”


If CNN and HLN continue to devolve into documentaries and away from hard news, and MSNBC continues to be a far-left swamp of self-evident untruth, will that leave Fox News as the only legitimate cable news network? Yes.

Positivity: Air Force lays to rest an ‘American hero’

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From Washington (HT to Bill Sloat):

Friends, family members, political leaders, former prisoners of war and service members paid their respects as an Air Force Ace was interred at Arlington National Cemetery Jan. 23.

Brig. Gen. Robinson “Robbie” Risner, a Korean War fighter ace and Vietnam prisoner of war, died Oct. 22, 2013 at Bridgewater Retirement Community in Bridgewater, Va., at the age of 88.

“America has lost one of its greatest heroes,” said Ross Perot, a close friend of Risner, during the service at the Memorial Chapel on Fort Myer, Va.

Though Risner’s life on earth has ended, his flying legacy lives on, Perot said, speaking about how Risner passed on his aviation wings for both Perot’s son and grandson to wear.

“Robbie approved that my son Ross could pin Robbie’s wings on my grandson,” said Perot. “Can you imagine what that meant?”

Perot went on to share anecdotes from throughout Risner’s celebrated career, describing him as an “Oklahoma cowboy” who was hero and a friend, whose “love of God and love of country what was got him through seven and a half years as a prisoner of war.”

But for many other POWs, they credited their survival to Risner’s leadership.

“When the POWs came home from Vietnam, time and time again, I’d hear them say ‘if it hadn’t been for Robbie Risner, I wouldn’t have made it,’” Perot said, sharing a particular moment that defined Risner’s character.

While imprisoned in Vietnam, Risner gathered fellow POWs for a church service — something that was strictly prohibited. While the troops were singing the song “Onward Christian Soldiers,” guards rushed in, taking Risner and two other leaders to what Perot referred to as “the box,” a place of solitary confinement.

When this occurred, “more than 40 POWs stood proudly, some of whom are here today, and sang a strictly forbidden song, the Star Spangled Banner,” Perot recalls. “How’s that for guts?”

Upon Risner’s return from the POW camp, Perot asked him, “‘Robbie, what was going on in your mind as they dragged you back to the box?’ He looked me in the eye. His eyes were twinkling. He said ‘Perot, with those guys singing the Star Spangled Banner, I was nine feet tall. I could have gone bear hunting with a stick!’” …

Go here for the rest of the story.