January 30, 2014

MSNBC Unapologetically Alters Report on Cheerios Ad, Removing ‘Conservative’ From ‘Conservative Backlash’

MSNBC isn’t anywhere near done apologizing for reflexively race-baiting conservatives.

The Cheerios biracial ad controversy ginned up by the far-left network did not begin with an isolated tweet. It began with the underlying report itself by Gabriela Resto-Montero. As originally seen by a poster at Free Republic, Ms. Resto-Montero described the reaction to the original appearance of the ad last June as a “conservative backlash.” The the original June article at MSNBC does not characterize the “backlash” as anything but, well, a “backlash.”

In other words, Resto-Montero originally added the word “conservative” on her own, apparently assuming that the only people who might object to biracial relationships are those who might otherwise have right-leaning views. Here’s a suggestion, ma’am: Google “black men should not marry white women,” and tell me what you think the political views of those who oppose the idea might be.

Here’s a partial grab of the original Free Republic post (HT Gateway Pundit):


Sometime Wednesday evening, MSNBC removed the word “conservative”:


It cannot be emphasized enough that the original sin is not the tweet, which could be passed off as some unsupervised ignoramus gone wild. The truth is that characterizing those who object to a biracial relationship as automatically “conservative” was a conscious decision made by an MSNBC writer.

As Matt Sheffield at NewsBusters noted earlier this afternoon, MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe, in the network’s tweeted apology, tried to claim the following:

The Cheerios tweet from @msnbc was dumb, offensive and we’ve taken it down. That’s not who we are at msnbc.

Note the lack of apology for the smear in the underlying report. I say what Wolffe was hoping that the removal of “conservative” from Resto-Montero’s writeup wouldn’t get caught. Too bad for him that he was wrong.

MSNBC and Ms. Resto-Montero owe the public an apology for the her original report’s characterization. Until then, there really is no reason to believe what Wolffe claimed about “who we are.”

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