February 1, 2014

NYT Caught Altering Christie Story: Port Authority Official No Longer ‘Has Evidence,’ It Just ‘Exists’

Longtime readers here may recall that yours truly and others have written about liberties New York Times reporter Kate Zernike has taken with the truth, especially in her reporting on the Tea Party movement. Her penchant for inventing baseless stories about alleged racism in the movement once caused the late Andrew Breitbart to label her “a despicable human being.”

Breitbart might well have the same reaction to the hours-later revision made at Zernike’s Times story Friday about Chris Christie. Several alert bloggers and tweeters noted that her story about Christie’s knowledge of shut lanes on the George Washington Bridge conveniently went from solid to speculative without any indication that any changes had been made.


More Obamacare Non-News: Children Denied Coverage For ‘Specialty Treatment’ at Seattle Children’s Hospital

On January 20, we are told by “goptvclips,” Seattle TV Station King 5 aired a short segment on how children “are being denied specialty treatment by insurance providers on the Washington Health Benefits Network.” To be clear, the video’s conclusion indicates that “Children’s went ahead and treated” some but apparently far from all of the affected children, but, obviously “they can’t afford to keep doing it that way.”

This story and likely many other stories like it are not national news. As will be seen later, it appears to not even be news at the station which originally presented the story. Situations like this should raise concerns that there is a determined effort on the part of the nation’s establishment press to ignore bad-news stories relating to Obamacare. One suspects that there are similar stories waiting to be told all over the country. The video as carried at “goptvclips” and a transcript follow the jump.

NewsBusted (013114)

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Here we go:

– Super Bowl
– Worldwide Unemployment
– NY Governor Andrew Cuomo
– President Obama
– Bill Gates
– Porn Star Ron Jeremy
– U.N. to Discuss Redskins
– Warren Buffet

Best Line: “Warren Buffett is giving $1 billion to anyone who fills out a perfect NCAA bracket. Great. So that means the old lady in your office who knows nothing about basketball is going to win $1 billion.”

Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (020114)

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This open thread will stay at or near the top today. Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow. Other topics are also fair game.

Positivity: N.C. teen hits miracle shot, with assist from late friend

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From Greensboro, North Carolina (HT Daryn Kagan), via CBS News (video at link):

January 24, 2014, 7: 31 PM

Just outside Greensboro, N.C., Bishop McGuinness boys’ basketball team is coming off what may be the most remarkable game in school history.

“I still can’t believe that even happened,” one player says.

“I felt like there was no one who could stop us,” says another.

“I will remember this game for the rest of my life,” a third player says.

The game was against their archrivals, Mount Airy High School, but to fully appreciate what happened here, you first need to know how Coach Josh Thompson prepared them for this night.

It all started a few days earlier with an old ball and a gold Sharpie. Coach Thompson told each player to pick someone to dedicate the game to — could be an uncle, a grandpa, one kid picked his parents. They all joined the exercise, but safe to say no one took it more seriously than junior guard Spencer Wilson. He picked his friend Josh Rominger.

“Josh’s passion for life really drew me towards him,” Spencer says.

Spencer and Josh were two great friends with one lousy thing in common: they both had cancer. The difference was Spencer beat his, and Josh didn’t. He died nine months ago.

Before the game, Spencer wrote a letter to Josh’s mom, explaining what they were doing and why he would be playing for Josh.

“His joy illuminated the room, and it was always apparent to me that he was special,” Spencer wrote. “Just wanted to let you know the impact your son has on my life still to this day. I will never forget him. Play for Josh.”

“I read it and cried,” says Josh’s mom, Denna Rominger. “They just had that bond. Nobody else knew how Josh felt except for Spencer.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.

Here’s a related story from a local TV station — with the shot:

Mark Garbett Updates

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Matt at Weapons of Mass Discussion has two updates on the condition of pioneering blogger Mark Garbett, who was seriously hurt in a Christmas evening auto accident (previous posts here, here and here):

1/24/14 UPDATE: Mark’s Grandma:

Mark JR. is still doing well. The plan is to move him to Drake Hospital next week. … The Lord is Good.

1/31/14 UPDATE: Mark’s Grandma:

Mark Jr. was doing better today. His temp is down around 99. I pray it holds around there. They decided it was an infected pic that caused the infection. If things hold steady, he MAY move to Drake Monday. Physical therapy was working with him and he could lift his arms from flat on the bed up to his head. It was so exciting to see him do that!

Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers.