February 6, 2014

Gabriela Resto-Montero Update

Ms. Resto-Montero is the author of the execrable MSNBC.com item which claimed that there was a “conservative” backlash against a Cheerios ad with a biracial family last year.

To the extent there was a “backlash,” it could not fairly be tagged “conservative.”

Although an MSNBC staffer who erroneously relied on the accuracy of Ms. Resto-Montero’s inaccurate article was fired for tweeting about how conservatives would be upset with the Cheerios Super Bowl ad was fired, Ms. Resto-Montero, the perpetrator of the original, apparently was not.

This gentlemen attempted to contact Ms. Montero through Facebook to learn why she wrote what she did about “conservative” objections to Cheerios’ biracial ads. A short time later, he writes that she changed her name at her Facebook page.

Assuming that’s true, I guess we’re supposed to think that she did this because she’s skeeeered of those who object to her conduct and are outraged that there have been no consequences.

I’m not buying it. If that really is why you changed your Facebook page, ma’am, prove it. All anyone wants you to do, ma’am, is your job.


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