February 19, 2014

Press Outlets All Over Report on Milk Price Increases While Ignoring Larger Impact of EPA-Dictated Carbon Mandate

According to a USA Today item carried at ABC News, “Sixty percent of adults can’t drink milk.” In July 2012, the New York Times ran an item entitled, “Got Milk? You Don’t Need It.” But the last time I checked, everyone uses electricity to some extent.

I’m bringing up these points because, as a friend showed me earlier today, the establishment press has run stories galore in the past several weeks about increases in the price of milk, but, as I noted a couple of days ago, has paid virtually no attention to coming increases in wholesale electricity costs of up to 80% which are due solely to Environmental Protection Agency regulations requiring the use of unproven and not commercially available “carbon capture” technology.


Irony in Yesterday’s AP Headlines, Later Altered, on Obama’s Unilateral Moves

The Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, had an interesting pair of headlines near the top of its raw feed yesterday.

The first headline used the typical “Republicans attack” approach any time President Obama does something objectionable, which has been quite often. The headline was “Issa Rails Against Obama’s ‘Imperial Presidency.’” Of course, reporter Steve Peoples didn’t let readers see the exact statement Issa made, perhaps because it would have shown that he wasn’t “railing” (uttering a “bitter complaint” or a “vehement denunciation”) at all. The current headline at the story at AP’s national site doesn’t have quote marks around “imperial presidency.” Clearly, Peoples doesn’t think much of Issa’s claim, which makes the raw feed’s next headline about Obama all the more ironic:


O’Keefe Catches Battleground Texas Illegally Using Info of Newly Registered Voters

The left constantly rants about alleged illegal coordination between conservative and Republican candidates and groups with little to no proof. At least once, when it had no evidence, it went to court to try to get a judge to allow them to engage in a wide-ranging fishing expedition to find something, anything, which might “prove” it (and, not coincidentally, to distract these organizations from their primary missions by tying up their resources and time). Fortunately, a Wisconsin judge in mid-January turned back that request involving Badger State Governor Scott Walker and organizations which independently advocated for his 2010 election and defended him against the 2012 recall effort.

James O’Keefe’s latest video involving Battleground Texas would appear to demonstrate that many in the left assume conservatives routinely engage in illegal campaign activity because, well, the left routinely and brazenly engages in illegal campaign activity. Watch Project Veritas’s latest video after the jump, and ask yourself whether the obviously illegal use of voter information O’Keefe would be ignored by the press — as O’Keefe’s work almost certainly will be — if a conservative or Republican organization were engaging in it:


AP Goes to the Weather Again to Explain Away Weak Homebuilding Data

The January 2014 New Residential Construction report released by the Census Bureau this morning was very weak. Building permits fell from December by a seasonally adjusted 5.4% (-1.3% for single-family homes). Housing starts fell by 16.0% (-15.9% single-family. The annualized single-family starts figure of 573,000 was the lowest in 17 months.

Naturally, Martin Crutsinger at the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, blamed it on the weather, and promised that prosperity is coming soon in his very first paragraph. Too bad some of the data he cited clearly refutes the “blame the weather” meme. Almost miraculously, his story’s headline is clean (bolds are mine):


A Viral Video From Venezuela Tells the Story U.S. Media is Mostly Ignoring

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Venezuela is burning (HT Legal Insurrection):

The self-censors at YouTube required me to sign into my account before I could watch this video, which is pretty amazing considering all the crap anyone of any age can view.

Oliver Stone is apparently following things, and offers this informed opinion (that’s sarcasm, in case it’s not clear):


Funny, I didn’t hear him say that about the 2004 election in the U.S.

As the folks at Twitchy noted, Sean Penn, Joe Kennedy, and Danny Glover are apparently unavailable for comment.

Anyone who doesn’t think that we could be seeing a preview of where the U.S. could be in a fairly short time isn’t paying attention.

Latest PJ Media Column (‘Washington’s Pack of Pretenders’) Is Up

It’s here.

It will go up here at BizzyBlog on Friday (link won’t work until then) after the blackout expires.

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (021914)

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This open thread will stay at or near the top today. Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow. Other topics are also fair game.


Yeah, he went there — Democrat Bob Beckel played the race and culture cards in trying to explain away the UAW’s defeat at VW-Chattanooga.

He wasn’t done — He also attempted to do something with VW’s Nazi lineage. But it’s not clear where he was going because Fox host Bill Hemmer didn’t let him elaborate as the segment ended.

I’ll do so for Beckel, though he won’t like the answer, which comes from lefty Harold Mayerson at the American Prospect, written just two days before the VW-Chattanooga balloting began:

Because it was a company created by the Nazis, the West German government, with the backing of the U.S. and as part of its de-Nazification program, mandated that all major corporate decisions would require a two-thirds vote of the company’s board—effectively giving IG Metall veto power over company policies.

The “veto power” arises from the fact that the board is half-management, half-labor.

IG Metall is described as follows at this link: “There is no union that has more radical, more militant, more old-fashioned views than IG Metall.”

Lefty Beckel should be happy that the result of VW’s legacy is that a far-left union has veto power over how the company is run. To the extent that it matters (I think not much; the UAW’s lockstep leftism was far more relevant), VW-Chattanooga workers aware of IG Metall’s positions would have considered them a reason to oppose a VW-UAW partnership.

American Prospect’s Mayerson’s column on Monday after the election loss got the race and culture memes going.


“But please raise taxes on everyone else” — “Hollywood asks California to cut taxes — for the film industry.”


Perhaps the following result is because people realize how Obama and his campaign delegitimized the 2012 election, but it’s more likely because the average person’s economy still stinks five years in — “Given a chance to do it all over again, only 79 percent of those who voted for President Obama would vote for him again and 71 percent of Obama voters now inclined to vote for somebody else “regret” their vote to reelect the president, according to a new poll.”


This is too easy“National clown shortage may be approaching, trade organizations fear.” There’s no shortage of potential recruits in Washington and the various state capitals. With any luck, a lot of them will be looking for working in mid-November.


That’s okay; the people involved will come to love “funemployment” — “Congressional Budget Office: Wage hike would lift pay but cost jobs.” Their midpoint estimate: 500,000.


Mel Reynolds, a Democrat who “resigned from his congressional seat in 1995 after he was convicted of 12 counts of statutory rape, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography,” and was “sentenced in a separate bank fraud case and spent years in prison before President Bill Clinton commuted the fraud sentence” in January 2001 during Clinton’s last-minute presidential pardon flurry, is now in trouble again, “arrested in Zimbabwe on allegations he was making pornography.”


At Last Resistance“College Text Book Trashes Reagan, Blatantly Lies.” I’m sure it’s just one of dozens.


“San Jose and other local governments could be on the brink of bankruptcy.” For those who don’t know, San Jose is the 10th-largest city in the U.S.


“Girl Scouts USA Threatens LifeNews After Reporting Its Link to Planned Parenthood.” The links (plural) are indisputable.


Now we know why the Swedish band ABBA wore those ridiculous outfits during their heyday.

Positivity: Son writes snowy message to mom in snow at Rush Hospital

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From Bolingbrook, Illinois (HT Daryn Kagan):

Partial transcript:

Feb. 12, 2014

A message of love, carefully stamped out through inches of snow: What started as a special note from a teen to his his mom in the hospital, has become an image touching people around the world.

In the middle of a cold and often gray winter, a bright spot where no one expected one. After yet another weather event over the weekend, patients at Rush University Medical Center woke up to more than just a blanket of snow.

It wasn’t much. It is just a small gesture with a big message that touched this hospital from top to bottom. Perhaps, a sign of hope and life. Some of the sickest inside needed it most.

“It keeps me up lifted in a way that nothing else really could, for me and others to feel better is huge,” says Shari Hart.

Last week 48-year-old Hart thought she had the stomach flu, it turns out she has Acute Myloid Leukemia, cancer of the blood. Last weekend her 14-year-old son, Will, called her to her hospital window at Rush University Medical Center for a surprise.

Will Hart says, “I just wanted to say hi to my mom and say, I love you.”

So Will Hart did just that, the way most any 14-year-old boy would, on the top of a parking lot etched in fresh snow.

This is what she saw.

“He said come to the window…he was so excited. I pulled up the window and it said, “Hi mom” with a smiley face and all. It is exactly what Shari Hart needed on a dark and snowy night as she sat alone in her 14th floor hospital room.

But the job was far from finished.

Hannah Hart, Will’s sister said, “When they went out at 10 o’clock, dad had the idea to write, God Bless You All, but it couldn’t fit, so it says God Bless You, still something everybody could see.”

And see it they did, patients, staff and visitors who looked south from up above, they all were touched by someone’s heartfelt message etched in the snow.

“I’m sure there are so many nurses and doctors all over the building that saw it. I’m sure it made their day better, I hope it did.

Nurse Mary Hoyt says, “One of the other family members here said they had had goose bumps and that night went to bed crying about how special that was.” …

Go here for the rest of the story and additional videos.

Rick Santelli’s ‘Tea Party’ Rant Was Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, clearly without meaning to, Rick Santelli of CNBC became a national hero when he focused on the folly of President Obama’s stimulus plan, the moral hazards in mortgage writedowns … and the unfairness of it all for people who, to use one of the left’s favorite phrases, “play by the rules.”

It’s not correct to say that Santelli launched the Tea Party movement. The first Tea Party event was in New Hampshire in December 2007. Other protests against the outrageous (and, we now know, failed) stimulus plan were already in the planning stages in many cities by early- to mid-February.

It is correct to say that Santelli popularized the “Tea Party” term nationally and helped to focus millions of outraged Americans on the serious dangers ahead far more quickly than if he hadn’t said what he said. In that sense, he helped to coalesce a nascent fractured movement into one to be reckoned with — and not a moment too soon.

You’ll note in the video that Santelli didn’t really go off until one of the studio hosts made a inane comment soaked in condescension about those who were on the sparsely populated trading floor (it was way before that day’s opening bell in Chicago), saying that “They’re putty in your hands.” No, it couldn’t be that those who had heard Santelli’s previous statement could think for themselves (/sarcasm).

So maybe we should thank Joe Kernen as much as Rick Santelli himself for what transpired (bolds are mine):

Transcript (most):