February 19, 2014

O’Keefe Catches Battleground Texas Illegally Using Info of Newly Registered Voters

The left constantly rants about alleged illegal coordination between conservative and Republican candidates and groups with little to no proof. At least once, when it had no evidence, it went to court to try to get a judge to allow them to engage in a wide-ranging fishing expedition to find something, anything, which might “prove” it (and, not coincidentally, to distract these organizations from their primary missions by tying up their resources and time). Fortunately, a Wisconsin judge in mid-January turned back that request involving Badger State Governor Scott Walker and organizations which independently advocated for his 2010 election and defended him against the 2012 recall effort.

James O’Keefe’s latest video involving Battleground Texas would appear to demonstrate that many in the left assume conservatives routinely engage in illegal campaign activity because, well, the left routinely and brazenly engages in illegal campaign activity. Watch Project Veritas’s latest video after the jump, and ask yourself whether the obviously illegal use of voter information O’Keefe would be ignored by the press — as O’Keefe’s work almost certainly will be — if a conservative or Republican organization were engaging in it:

The press would be hounding affected Republican or conservative candidates about their involvement if evidence like this surfaced about analogous groups. Will anyone ask the Wendy Davis campaign about Battleground Texas’s illegal use of data designed largely to benefit her?

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