February 19, 2014

Positivity: Son writes snowy message to mom in snow at Rush Hospital

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From Bolingbrook, Illinois (HT Daryn Kagan):

Partial transcript:

Feb. 12, 2014

A message of love, carefully stamped out through inches of snow: What started as a special note from a teen to his his mom in the hospital, has become an image touching people around the world.

In the middle of a cold and often gray winter, a bright spot where no one expected one. After yet another weather event over the weekend, patients at Rush University Medical Center woke up to more than just a blanket of snow.

It wasn’t much. It is just a small gesture with a big message that touched this hospital from top to bottom. Perhaps, a sign of hope and life. Some of the sickest inside needed it most.

“It keeps me up lifted in a way that nothing else really could, for me and others to feel better is huge,” says Shari Hart.

Last week 48-year-old Hart thought she had the stomach flu, it turns out she has Acute Myloid Leukemia, cancer of the blood. Last weekend her 14-year-old son, Will, called her to her hospital window at Rush University Medical Center for a surprise.

Will Hart says, “I just wanted to say hi to my mom and say, I love you.”

So Will Hart did just that, the way most any 14-year-old boy would, on the top of a parking lot etched in fresh snow.

This is what she saw.

“He said come to the window…he was so excited. I pulled up the window and it said, “Hi mom” with a smiley face and all. It is exactly what Shari Hart needed on a dark and snowy night as she sat alone in her 14th floor hospital room.

But the job was far from finished.

Hannah Hart, Will’s sister said, “When they went out at 10 o’clock, dad had the idea to write, God Bless You All, but it couldn’t fit, so it says God Bless You, still something everybody could see.”

And see it they did, patients, staff and visitors who looked south from up above, they all were touched by someone’s heartfelt message etched in the snow.

“I’m sure there are so many nurses and doctors all over the building that saw it. I’m sure it made their day better, I hope it did.

Nurse Mary Hoyt says, “One of the other family members here said they had had goose bumps and that night went to bed crying about how special that was.” …

Go here for the rest of the story and additional videos.


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