February 21, 2014

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (022114)

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This open thread will stay at or near the top today. Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow. Other topics are also fair game.


Laughing uproariously for several minutes in an open hearing would be the best response to claims like this: “Sebelius Denies Well-Documented ObamaCare Joblessness.”

Investor’s Business Daily’s wrap: “… denial of obvious realities goes beyond honesty and borders on delusional.” I would disagree in Sebelius’s case. She knows she’s lying, and doesn’t care.


At Heritage“Why It’s the Government’s Fault There Isn’t Enough Salt to Make Roads Safe in New Jersey”


(Ohio Governor John) Kasich wants younger vocational students; Wants 7th-graders to get vocational training and 1st-graders to start planning careers.” So vocational training takes six years now? I shouldn’t even have to explain why the “1st-graders” idea is stupid. But, amazingly, it does correlate with cradle-to-grave mindset of Common Core.


A non-surprise“Union Intimidation Continues at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga Plant”

Related: “German Union Boss Threatens American Workers’ Jobs After They Reject UAW”

Also: The UAW appears to have spent an estimated $5 million in its unsuccessful VW-Chattanooga effort. That’s about $8,000 per vote, and about $3,500 per plant employee.


Congressman Dan Maffei of New York is the latest participant in the fraudulent Food Stamp Challenge.

He says that “I will be eating on a budget of $4.50 per day, which is the average grocery budget that SNAP recipients live on daily.”

The current Maximum Monthly Allotment for a single person is $189 per month. That’s about $6.25 a day. The averages for rising family sizes work out to between $5.28 and $6.11 (they drop with larger household sizes.). If you can’t eat on those amounts per day, you’re not trying hard enough.

Maffei, like all of the other participants in this bogus “challenge,” refuses to recognize that not everyone gets the Maximum Monthly Allotment because there are offsets for income and sometimes for assets.


Steve Deace observes: “It has now been 6 days since 1.22 million of Rand Paul’s constituents who voted to defend marriage in their state constitution were disenfranchised by a federal judge. Rand has said nothing.”


From mid-November, desitined for the “You Can’t Catch Everything Right Away” file (HT Political Outcast): “WebMD pockets millions from feds to promote Obamacare”


As anyone could have predicted, they won’t let a little thing like a court ruling stand in their way: “FCC: We’re Not Done With Net Neutrality; Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler challenges last month’s court ruling, moves forward with plans to create a new version of rules promoting an open Internet.”


At Hot Air“Are California Democrats abandoning Gov. Brown’s beloved high-speed rail boondoggle?” We should be so lucky.


“Time to push back against the global warming Nazis” — Actually, it’s long past time. It would easy and oh so politically correct to say that Dr. Roy Spencer is overreacting and going where one shouldn’t go. Sadly, he’s not incorrect.

If the true believers in the environmentalist movement, whose pet cause is maximizing statism through promotion of globaloney, were to have their way, they would take the earth’s population down to under 1 billion, turning the number murdered in the Holocaust into a rounding error.


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