February 26, 2014

Unhinged Sun Sentinel Cartoonist Ridicules Common Core Opponents; Paper Tweets Endorsement

At the rate he’s going, South Florida Sun Sentinel cartoonist and variable-length commentator Chan Lowe may turn out to be this decade’s Ted Rall.

On Tuesday, Lowe had a column and cartoon (link may require subscription) satirizing the Sunshine State’s “Stand Your Ground” law and gun owners in general (“Angry White Males,” of course), characterizing them as treating their weapons with perverted reverence as compensation for their other failures in life (e.g., not getting along with their classmates at the playground, or with girls). The day before (link may require subscription; HT Twitchy), he went after parents who oppose the top-down, privacy-invading, testing-obsessed, instructionally-impaired Common Core curriculum with a vengeance. Readers should put down all drinks and other objects before skipping to the jump, because what you’ll see will almost certainly be upsetting:


The Sun Sentinel endorsed Lowe’s low blow in a tweet which also included the cartoon:


Lowe and the Sentinel seem to have missed those photos of misspelled picket signs carried by striking or protesting teachers.

Lowe’s insult to millions of concerned parents, teachers, and other citizens follows by just a few months Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s characterization of Common Core opponents as a bunch of “white suburban moms” who are upset that their kids “aren’t brilliant.”

In a three-paragraph commentary, Lowe claims that the real danger in public education is “what happens when individual states are allowed to run wild.”

Actually, the opposite is the case. Common Core is the completely unacceptable result of a federal government and a Washington-centric educational establishment running wild. On a regular basis, the Department of Education shows us why it should never have been created in the first place.

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