March 6, 2014

No Limits

Filed under: Health Care,Taxes & Government — Tom @ 11:02 am

Those who believe the rule of law still matters under the tyranny (“arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority”) of the Obama administration need to jettison that notion ASAP.

In a CNBC story primarily about the illegal extension granted to individual and small-group plans to comply with Obamacare’s “minimum coverage” rules is another illegal item which I predict the rest of the press will ignore:

the rules gave a financial break to the types of self-insured health plans run by many unions, excluding them for two years from the $63-per-capita “reinsurance contribution” assessed for each enrollee.

Yet those who don’t run the self-insured plans of the “types” typically run by multi-employer union plans still pay the $63.

There is no conceivable legal authority for the administration’s arbitrary action.

But that’s okay, because there is no rule of law.


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