March 9, 2014

National Press Virtually Ignores Ala. Legislator’s Racist Rant, Grilling of Pro-Life Bill’s Sponsor

Alabama Democratic State Representative Alvin Holmes, who recently created a firestorm by calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “a very prolific Uncle Tom,” was at it again on Tuesday.

This time, the issue at hand was a “fetal heartbeat” bill restricting abortions. Holmes, who apparently needs no help seeing racism in just about anything, claimed, in the words of Kala Kachmar at the Montgomery Advertiser, that “99 percent of the white legislators in the chamber would raise their hand to say they’re against abortion, and that same 99 percent would make their daughters get an abortion if they were impregnated by a black man.” Holmes was also robbed of his wallet and $300 earlier in the week. Guess which story was worthy of coverage at the Associated Press? With rare exceptions, the rest of the U.S. press also appears to have ignored Holmes’ raging racism.


Obamacare’s Payment System Starts Leaking Like a Sieve

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I guess the working philosophy is “No problem, just pay it all.”

After all, it’s only taxpayer money:

Costs of ObamaCare bungles start to add up, with Maryland first at about $30.5M

Maryland could end up spending as much as $30.5 million as a result of a glitch in its ObamaCare website, as the Obama administration steps in to help states with problematic exchanges.

Because of Maryland’s defective exchange, the state cannot determine whether customers remain eligible for Medicaid, according to a report by state budget analysts released Thursday.

As a result, the state has agreed with the federal government to a six-month delay in determining eligibility, meaning that payments will continue to be made to customers who are not eligible until the system is fixed. The delay will cost the state $17.8 million in fiscal 2014 and $12.7 million in fiscal 2015, the analysts estimated.

How many more state exchanges will see this happen? How many billions of waste will pile up because the states (and couldn’t put a workable system together, even with a 3-1/2 year head start?

Imagine the press exposure if this kind of thing on this kind of scale had occurred when Medicare Part D began in 2006.

Exit question: Can anyone rule out the idea that no one plans on fixing this, and that they intend to pay for everything, everywhere, regardless of whether they should?

Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (030914)

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This open thread will stay at or near the top today. Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow. Other topics are also fair game.

I’ll be doing a lot of catching up at these posts throughout the next couple of weeks, and will be getting to items which may be a bit dated but which many readers might have missed.


Ann Coulter, in a column two weeks ago: “… the reason American workers’ wages are so low in the first place is because of the Democrats’ policies on immigration. Republicans might want to point that out.” But instead, the GOP establishment wants to be “me too!” on immigration.


Feb. 25 — At the Daily Caller: “Coburn: Medicaid has increased in cost by more than 31,212 percent in 46 years.” This is in real, inflation-adjusted terms. After factoring in a 1,290 percent increase in enrollment, Medicaid’s real cost per participant is 24 times what is was at the program’s inception.


Feb. 24“There is no production here. Just plunder.”


Feb. 24 — Actor Ashton Kucher is also an entrepreneur who can explain the problems of regulation — because he one of his investments, Uber, has experienced it.


At Twitchy on Feb. 26“Despicable Harry Reid claims O-care horror stories ‘all untrue’; Epic refutation ensues”


Feb. 27“How did a convicted terrorist end up working as an ObamaCare navigator?”


Feb. 27 — General Motors’ problems with ignition switches which have reportedly led to 13 deaths have gotten nowhere near the attention Toyota’s “sudden acceleration” problem which caused 5 deaths received.

It’s more than a little interesting that the recall involving models as early as 2004 is taking place shortly after the federal government completed selling all of its GM shares after the company’s 5-year run as “Government Motors.” Was the problem covered up until just now?

Upate, March 12: At the Fiscal Times“Did the Obama White House Protect GM?”


Feb. 26“Spike Lee rants about gentrification saying black culture in New York (City) is being erased by white residents ‘like the motherf****** Christopher Columbus syndrome.’”

His question: “Why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in the south Bronx, in Harlem, in Bed Stuy, in Crown Heights for the facilities to get better?’” You might not like the real answers, pal.

Also, there’s this: “In spite of his outrage, Lee has moved to a cleaner, less noisy area himself as he has lived in the Upper East Side since 2000.”


Feb. 27“Top Treasury employees swindled thousands of dollars, in-the-know bosses did nothing.” Of course, this begs the following question: “How many more examples of this are there?”


Feb. 26“Student Loans Are Ruining Your Life. Now They’re Ruining the Economy, Too.”

Amazingly (no, not really), the Time article doesn’t mention the vast expansion of student loans which has taken place since Barack Obama took office.

Positivity: Victim’s survival shows miracles are real

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From a column by Stephen Rowland:

Posted February 27, 2014 – 10:17am

It was all over the news Tuesday (Feb. 25) — ABC, CNN, FoxNews — a bus driver in Ohio was shot three times but survived.

One bullet stuck him in the leg, the other two were stopped by a small “Message” Bible in Ricky Wagoner’s shirt pocket. Sgt. Michael Pauley of the Dayton Police Department stated, “There was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident, because he probably should not be here.”

Apparently it was some type of gang initiation as Wagoner heard one of the teenagers say “… if you want to be all the way in the club.” Wagoner’s family and friends made comments to the effect that he had always enjoyed God’s favor and they were not surprised he miraculously survived this attack.

That’s not the first time I’ve heard this story. There are several accounts of soldiers ranging from the Civil War to World War II whose lives were spared by a New Testament pocket Bible stopping a bullet; some of them note the very passage the point of the bullet came to rest on which is usually a notable verse speaking of the Lord’s protection.

… the miracle in the Ohio bus driver’s case is not that two bullets just happened to hit his pocket Bible. With so many victims of shootings and soldiers being shot in the chest in various wars, there is ample opportunity for bullets to strike any particular area of the chest, including the pocket.

The really bizarre fact is that those two bullets actually stopped in that Bible instead of zipping right through into Ricky Wagoner. There is no explanation unless you happen to be a Christian and believe in miracles. God would have no problem stopping a bullet in mid-air with no obstruction in the way whatsoever — Bible not needed.

… As an alumnus of The University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in science, I have no reservations whatsoever in stating that I believe in miracles. Neither do a good number of scientists with Ph.D.’s whose books you can find in Christian bookstores.

It wasn’t just Ricky Wagoner’s lucky day. It was a God-intervention day. I don’t mind rejoicing with Ricky while skeptics squirm.

Go here for Rowland’s full column.