March 18, 2014

NewsBusted (031814)

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Here we go:

– St. Patrick’s Day
– Flight 370
– President Obama
– Zach Galifianakis
– Hillary Clinton
– David Jolly
– CBS News Sharyl Attkinson
– Sheila Jackson Lee
– Common Core
– Lebron James

Best Line: “Republican David Jolly won a special election in Florida that Democrats were calling a ‘must-win.’ Or, as MSNBC reported it, ‘that special congressional election never happened.’”

“Reporter Sharyl Attkinson has resigned from CBS News. Her major stories, Fast & Furious and Benghazi, will now be covered by this CBS reporter”:


Politico Falsely Frames Opposition to Obama Admin’s Transfer of ICANN to ‘Global Community’ as GOP-Only

One of the more annoying aspects of establishment press coverage of many controversial issues is the outlets’ tendency to act as if opposition to many things (really almost anything) which advance the left’s agenda springs exclusively from Republicans and conservatives. One obvious example is abortion, as if you can’t be pro-life and libertarian or liberal (see: Nat Hentoff).

Another budding example has to do with governance of the Internet. Late Friday afternoon, the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) announced its “intent to transition key Internet domain name functions” to “the global multistakeholder community.” Obviously, there is Republican opposition to this move, but you don’t have to be either to be opposed. Predictably, though, Jessica Meyers and Erin Mershon at the Politico headlined (“Defenders of Net transition: GOP off base”) and framed their writeup as if that’s the case. Excerpts from their report and an an excerpt from a blog post at the nonpartisan Information and Technology Innovation Foundation follow the jump.


AP’s Coverage of Edwin Edwards’ La. Congressional Candidacy Puts No Pressure on Dems For Apparently Allowing It

Former Louisiana Governor and convicted felon Edwin Edwards now wants to be the Bayou State’s Sixth District congressman — as a Democrat.

In his coverage of Edwards’ improbable but obviously not impossible candidacy, Associated Press reporter Kevin McGill simply took it for granted that Edwards can appear on the November ballot as a Democrat. That shouldn’t be automatic, as a recent example from next door neighbor Alablama demonstrates. Excerpts and discussion follow the jump:


Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (031814)

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This open thread will stay at or near the top today. Rules are here. Possible comment fodder may follow.

This continues a two-week catch-up effort, where I am mostly getting to items which may be a bit dated but which many readers might have missed. Other topics are also fair game.


Feb. 27 — What’s obviously idling way too long is this guy’s mind: Mike Foley, a Cleveland-area Ohio state representative and a Democrat (of course), wants to fine people who leave their cars idling “too long.”


March 6, at Heritage“The Ten Policy Changes Cruz Thinks Can Transform America.” They would, and for the better.


March 5, via Ammoland’s AWR Hawkins“Connecticut ‘Does Not Have the Balls’ to Enforce 2013 Gun Ban.” Probably not, but they probably are cowardly enough to pick out people perceived as objectionable for some reason to use as examples in an attempt to intimidate.


March 3, with another example of how watching MSNBC causes an near-immediate reduction in IQ — “MSNBC’s Maddow: G.W. Bush Is to Blame for Ukraine Crisis”


March 4, at Heritage“EPA’s Climate Regulations Will Harm American Manufacturing.” These are lowball estimates, because they don’t factor in decisions by companies to have more items made overseas to completely avoid dealing with the U.S. domestic regulatory regime.


March 10, at Freedom Outpost“CT Cop Who Wants to Kick in Doors & Confiscate Guns Placed on Leave – But Spilled the Beans on What Gun Registration is all About.” Hint: It isn’t “to protect and serve.”


You read it here first (if the prediction comes true; if not, never mind :—>) — Former NAACP head Ben Jealous’s move to join spreadsheet pioneer and megabucks leftist donor Mitch Kapor means that Jealous is being propped up with enough money that he doesn’t have to worry about having an income when he makes a future run for political office as a U.S. senator or governor (See: Rahm Emanuel, Fannie Mae).


March 11, at CNN“Why Casino Workers Hate Obamacare.” Briefly stated: “Currently, employers pay 100% of the premiums. The union, which is in contract negotiations, wants to keep it that way. But the spike Obamacare-related expenses could make it tougher to convince employers to pony up more money.”


March 8, at the Washington Post (Hot Air) — Another myth about Texas debunked (bolds are mine; link is in original):

Texas experienced stronger job growth than the rest of the nation from 2000 to 2013, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Not only that, a pair of researchers note … but Texas leads the nation in creation of jobs at all pay levels, too.

“Texas has also created more ‘good’ than ‘bad’ jobs,” they write. “Jobs in the top half of the wage distribution experienced disproportionate growth. The two upper wage quartiles were responsible for 55 percent of net new jobs. A similar pie chart cannot be made for the rest of the U.S., which lost jobs in the lower-middle quartile over the period.”

We’ve written plenty about how the income gap has continued to grow in recent years and decades, and the same is true with jobs. Nationally, all the jobs created since 2000 were concentrated at the highest- or lowest-paying quartiles. In Texas, however, job creation was more broad-based.

As we noted above, Texas does have a larger share of its population earning the federal minimum wage or less than any state but Idaho, but it helps that things are cheap.

Positivity: Thwart temptation with the word of God, Pope exhorts

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From Vatican City:

Mar 9, 2014 / 06:22 am

In his Sunday Angelus message today, Pope Francis stressed the importance of resisting temptations by finding refuge in God’s word.

Reflecting on Sunday’s gospel passage of the temptation of Jesus by Satan in the desert, the Pontiff said, “note well: how does Jesus respond? He doesn’t dialogue with Satan, like Eve had done in earthly paradise. Jesus knows well that with Satan, one cannot dialogue, because he’s very cunning. For this reason, Jesus, rather than dialoguing like Eve did, chooses to take refuge in the word of God, and responds with the force of this word.”

“Let us remind ourselves of this in moments of temptation, in our own temptations: no discussions with Satan, but simply defense with the word of God, and that will save us,” he urged the crowds filling St. Peter’s Square on March 9.

When Jesus is in the desert for 40 days before beginning his mission, Satan approaches him with “three groups of temptations,” noted the Pope, “and we know them well.”

First, “economic well-being, indicated by the possibility of transforming stones into bread;” second, a “spectacular lifestyle” demonstrated in the idea of “throwing himself down from the highest point of the temple of Jerusalem and being saved by the angels,” and lastly, “the shortcut to power and domination” by worshiping Satan.

In tempting Jesus with wealth, miracles, and power, Satan seeks to offer “false messianic hopes” by “distracting him from the Father’s plan,” explained Pope Francis. …

Go here for the rest of the story.