March 23, 2014

Positivity: The Day I Wish All Moms Could Have

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From Daryn Kagan’s March 9 column:

It seems unfair.

Really unfair.

It’s something so wonderful I wish all moms could have it.

And yet, only a small minority of us get to.

My fellow adoptive Moms, this is the column you could’ve written.

That Sad Look

You know that sad look some people give when they see someone who came to motherhood through adoption?

That, “Oh, but you didn’t get to experience the miracle of childbirth” look? Sniff. Sniff. Dab tear.

No, we didn’t.

But here’s the thing, Moms.

We all get something.

I figured out you just have to love the thing you get.

My thing, my daughter’s and my thing is coming up next week.

Our Thing

It’s our anniversary.

Our first, actually.

A day to tear up when we think how one year ago, we stood in the judge’s chambers and watched as she signed the papers. …

Go here for the rest of her column.


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