March 27, 2014

They Don’t Care: 50 States of Obamacare Victims

This post builds on Geoffrey Dickens’ post late this morning (“American Horror Story: Tales of ObamaCare Victims Untold by the Big Three Networks”) about the virtual lack of any kind of coverage of the real people affected by Obamacare.

Perhaps some readers believe that little coverage is occurring because there are few if any local situations worthy enough to rise to the level of national coverage. There are two responses to that. The first is that the national outlets must not be looking for them, because they are out there, and they could find them if they wanted to (the British press often does a better job covering Obamacare than stateside outlets). The second is that local TV broadcasts have carried plenty of Obamacare-related horror stories. While some of the situations cited in the video from the Washington Free Beacon following the jump (50 States of Obamacare Victims) are of politicians delivering speeches, all of the rest of 50 clips cite real people or groups of people with real problems caused by Obamacare:

If we’re to believe Harry Reid, “almost all” of the 50 stories cited are “lies.”

Last year, before the law took effect, NBC went out and found Subway franchisees in Maine who were deliberately cutting workers’ hours to 30 or below to keep from having to provide expensive health care coverage which would trash their bottom lines or force them to lay workers off.

Similarly, they could find Obamacare horror stories if they wanted to, either on their own or from their affiliates and other local outlets which have generated plenty of them. We have no choice but to believe that they really don’t want to. Taking it further, they don’t care about covering people who are hurting when their suffering gets in the way of the regressive “progressive” agenda.

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